Monday, May 12, 2008

When the inmates run the asylum

What an utter, preventable tragedy! That this could happen in a modern society is a shame. That the politics and laws of the land made this tragedy inevitable is both unmistakable and a travesty.

Then for the homeless shelter that forced the hand of the city counsel, to absolve its self of any responsibility or culpability in all of this is yet another crime:

the homeless shelter denies any responsibility.

Here is their theory:

The decisions on where to place Clark and who to house next to him were taken by Leeds city council.

Questions need to be asked as to why this young girl and her family were housed next to a known sex offender.

So, currently in the UK it is perfectly acceptable for a repeat sex offender to draw benefits and live anywhere he wishes without any warning to any of his neighbours in part at the urging of a local homeless shelter which then puts the responsibility of keeping the rest of the community "out of harms way" on the local government without them having the ability to tell the community why, and when the inevitable happened, the shelter has the hubris to question the actions of the counsel. The inmates have indeed taking over management of the asylum!

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