Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some common sense can still be found

Now the gun manufacturers should counter sue for malicious prosecution. How does the mayor expect to make any progress in the battle against illegal guns (in his own words): “Regardless of this ruling, we will continue our fight against illegal guns full bore — in the courtrooms, on the streets and in the Congress.” when he spends so much time and energy going after legal guns and gun manufactures?

But I guess that was never really the point. In his eyes (and those of many gun opponents) there is no such thing as a "legal" gun unless it is owned by the government. Any gun in citizen hands is illegal by definition. Or was this just another money grab attempt like the states did with the tobacco companies. Was he really just looking for a way to offset his budget shortfall without further raising taxes?

If he was really serious about saving lives he would be pushing for stiffer sentencing. It is amazing how much the crime rates go down the more you lock up criminals...

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