Friday, December 21, 2007

Micro Nuclear reactors

Now we are talking! I want one for my house!

I can already hear the environmentalists screaming about this. As a group they have been against every attempt at building more nuclear reactors for the past 30 years. If they are really worried about the environment and pollution, they would be for nuclear power but they are not. This is because they are not so much pro-environment but are actually anti-capitalism. They don't want to see the US or any other democratic, capitalistic society succeed and concern for the environment is their excuse. Otherwise, they would not only be pro-nuclear power but pro-hunting as well. Hunting is the most efficient way to control native animal populations. It is the least expensive and has the added benefit of generating locally produced, all natural meat.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just say yes to Fred

For what it is worth, Fred is in my opinion (and that is all that it is) the best man for the job of President. He has the will and the integrity to say what he means and do what he says. He may not be as smooth as Reagan but based on what I know about him, they are of the same cloth. For me, Fred is preferable to all of the other running candidates of either party. He is for smaller government and a stronger homeland. He is against illegal immigration and for the military. I think he is a little soft on his support of the 2nd amendment but can live with that based on everything else. I am not a single issue person and at this point, Fred is the whole package.

the human contribution is not significant

Is it too late to ask for the Nobel prize back?

More common sense by Larry Elder

Religion of peace

When it is a basic tenant of your religion that it is OK to denigrate and kill non-believers (read Jews and Christians) is it such a stretch to think that to some within your religion other “believers” qualify too?

Many Muslim leaders in the Middle East and elsewhere have spent generations instructing the populace that those that do not believe as you do are less than animals and do not deserve to live. It is on the placards at every demonstration, “death to the non-believers”. As any wildlife specialist can tell you, when push comes to shove eventually even wolves eat their own. In this case, as the French would say, bon appetite.

Mitt Romney and guns

It seems to come down to that same tired old argument that if it looks "mean" it is bad and we should ban it.

Often it is a matter of context. Like that scene in the original "Men in Black" when Will Smith was being evaluated at the firing range with the other candidates. They all start shooting at targets except for Will who scans the scene and finally shoots a silhouette of a little girl. His reason is the books she was carrying were far too advanced for a girl her age and what was she doing out so late in such a bad neighborhood? She must have been up to no good.

The assault weapons ban did nothing but ban guns that contained things that looked mean and bad and war like. All legal guns since the 1940s have been single shot. You pull the trigger and a bullet is fired. You want to fire another bullet, you pull the trigger again. Regardless of how they look nearly all civilian rifles still operate just that way. You need a special government permit to own a true, fully automatic rifle. When a criminal uses a fully automatic rifle during the commission of a crime (which is rare in and of its self) it is typically an illegally modified weapon. Again, not something a criminal is going to care about anyway. So banning lawful citizens from owning “mean” looking rifles is nothing but a political feel good gesture that accomplishes nothing constructive.

Since banning guns costs lives, shouldn't the individuals who ban self-defense pay the price?

This sentiment is a growing trend, thank goodness.

When a property owner denies a visitor the right to self defence, that property owner assumes the responsibility for that visitor's protection and well being. In too many recent cases, they have failed miserably in that responsibility.

Batteries 10X better

Interesting article and it would be fantastic if this can get into production. If a two hour laptop battery lasted 20 hours using this new technology, what will most likely happen is the batteries will be made 4 times smaller saving a lot of weight and size and still give you over twice the life.

This will have applications in many spaces besides this. I can see much more powerful RC planes and helicopters as a result of the additional power that will be available as well as things like (as noted in the article) better electric cars but also longer lasting cell phones (not necessarily a good thing) and other portable electronic devices. Maybe we can finally have an battery operated leaf blower that is actually worth getting.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This might just clinch the democratic ticket for him...


World's smallest advent calendar

Now that is tiny! Merry Christmas!

Galactic "ray gun" blasts neighbor

Interesting and fascinating. The "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" had a line in it about the universe being so large and so vast that anything you could create, existed as a creature somewhere. This sort of thing can lead one to almost believe that. The exhaust jet from a galactic black hole striking another near galaxy.

One of the possible results of such a thing, as mentioned in the article, is the destruction of the ozone layer that protects life from space radiation. The Earth's ozone hole was at one time a "very big deal" and many people spent a lot of time fretting over it. I often wondered that since we know how to produce ozone and it can in fact be a pollutant when close to the surface of the Earth, could we not come up with a way to produce ozone in the upper atmosphere where it is useful? Using high altitude balloons or high altitude electronic planes? The generators could be either nuclear or solar powered and generate ozone as needed based on analysis of ozone quantities in the vicinity of the generator. Just a thought.

John Stossel and Ron Paul on war

I was looking for reasons to like Ron but his answers to John related to Muslim fanaticism and no concerns if Islamic fanatics get the bomb are disturbing. This argument if false. Russia knew that there was a high likelihood that if they bombed us, we would bomb them. That if a nuclear device was detonated in a U.S. city, we would "know" it was from Russia "with love" and would retaliate. If fanatics get the bomb, against whom do you retaliate? These are people that see strapping on a bomb vest and blowing up a crowd of women and children as something to celebrate. What does Ron think will stop them from putting a bomb in a freight container and setting it off in New York harbor? Talk? With this as his outlook, I don't think the country can afford Ron Paul.


speaking on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to comment.

This is turning into one of the most often read/heard phrases in any news article produced on just about any subject you can imagine. If this were a truly righteous world, 99.999% of the time that this phrase appeared in a story a reporter and a news editor would be fired. This phrase has come to represent the worst aspects of and most of what is wrong with the news. It is a cheap, lazy way for a reporter to complete a story. They speak with someone not authorized or allowed to speak to the press to get an angle. It is both intellectually lazy and dishonest and a REAL reporter would not do this nor countenance its use.

New Fred Thompson video

Don't know if it is "Fred approved" but it is rather funny.

Just so sick!

This is a video that is aimed at children and is being (was being?) sold out of a mosque in Britain. A little girl is singing the song and together with the accompanying video depicts her mother leaving to be a suicide bomber and the little girl ends with how she will follow in her mother's footsteps.

Apparently this is a Hamas production. Yet another uplifting contribution to the world from the wonderful religion of peace.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jane Fonda, American Traitor B*tch*

Even after Jane Fonda's 70th birthday, she is still an unapologetic American Traitor B*tch and as noted, nearly all of the media give her a pass. She gave aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war and faced no consequences. She ever remains unapologetic and firm in her beliefs against America and for our enemies. Even after the hundreds of thousands were killed by the Khmer Rouge she stands firm for her Communist friends. Unlike the lies of John Kerry, our POWs were tortured for real despite what Hanoi Jane said. She has been and remains both a media darling and an American Traitor B*tch.

* As once seen on a bumper sticker

Monday, December 17, 2007

Timeline of a fraud

I do not believe as yet that there has been any honest apology or even an admission that this entire episode was used to falsely accuse the Israelis of murder. As with most of these types of stories, world wide MSM is blind to the reality as well. Israel is always the aggressor and never the victim even after there is clear evidence of malfeasance on the part of Palestine.

So much for "no state mandated religion"

At least at at Normandale Community College and as long as the religion is Islam. This is just more of the same.

The school says it is still a multi-use room but I wonder how well it would be tolerated if an unveiled, shoe wearing, Christian, female Cheerleader sat on the "men's" side or if a shoe wearing Jewish man sat on the female side while the "space" was in use by Muslims, what kind of raucous that would cause.

You have to "love" the literature that was left about as well. If this "literature" had said this about Islam, CAIR would be screaming about hate crimes but again as this is from the perspective of Islam it is all right and is tolerated.

Stand firm Joe!

Three things.

First, is "management reserves the right to refuse service" no longer allowed?

Second, as he paraphrases: To be an American, you have to be American and nothing else. For if you say you’re something else, then you’re not a true American. I have always felt as he does, that you are American or not. You can be an American of Italian descent or Mexican descent or what ever but you are or at least should want to be "an American".

Third, what does the city truly want him to do? Attempt to serve everyone in what ever language they speak? When I travel abroad, I appreciate when people I speak with in other countries can speak English but I don't expect them to be able to and if they do not, it is my loss. I happened to get lucky and be born in America and grew up speaking English. If I were to move to central America, I would surely learn Spanish before going there so as to be able to make my way. I would not "expect" everyone I encountered to be able to speak English. I wonder how many government forms are available in "English" in Germany, France, Columbia or Mexico or are all of their government forms in their respective native languages?

Adding a new blog link

I am adding a new blog to my blog link list. It is the Civilian Gun Self Defense blog. It lists stories of citizens using guns for self defence purposes. Something that you don't hear or read much about from the MSM. They would much rather you think that all guns are evil and that no good ever comes from having or using a gun.

Don't cry wolf

This is news worthy for its rarity. A fabricated crime by someone belonging to a conservative group. As is typically the case (based on recent news reports of these types of things) hoax crimes like this are usually perpetuated by liberals. I hope that charges are pressed for, at a minimum filing a false police report if a report was filed. Neither article includes that information. False crimes/hate crimes are wrong and should be punished regardless of who files them. They serve to inflate crime stats and sensationalize crime when it is not discovered to be a hoax. When they are proved to be a hoax they undermine anti-crime efforts and create a willingness to disbelieve real crime reports. Neither of which are beneficial to the general public safety.

You go Fred!

Fred Thompson, take some time to learn more about him...

Of taxes and politicians

Well, yet another study that shows tax rates are down across the board but not down as much for the upper tax payers. Don't expect to hear or see this on the news though and don't expect any of the democratic candidates for President to change their tunes. Why let reality or the truth get in the way of a good campaign sound bite? They will continue to push the "need" for more taxes on the "evil rich". You know, those folks that are already carrying much of this country's tax burden.

Good for you!

I am glad that more and more in the MSM are getting as fed up with this acquiescing to barbarity as I am. If these people want to live in the rest of the world, they have to learn to adjust to more civilized norms. If a Jewish man in the upper west side strangled his 12 year old son because he would not wear a yamaka, the condemnation from all quarters would be swift and justified. Let a practitioner of Islam do such a thing though and "it is his culture". Grow up.

Sorry for the blackout...

Was on an office trip for a week and when I got back, the office filter had been updated to stop access to blogs. Noticed today that the filter is off so, off we go...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome to the supply-side, Whoopi!

How true! This is one of the reasons (but not the only one) that I am a fan of the "Fair Tax". It is always a bad idea to tax earnings, investments and savings. It is much more fair to tax consumption. Have no or a low rate on "necessities of life" like food and a flat rate on everything else. In the case of the Fair Tax, this is resolved via a pre-bait on what you would be expected to spend on necessity taxes.

This just seems to make sense

Sorry if you disagree but think it through...

I do not think that "gun free zones" are a good idea. You are basically telling non-law abiding people where they can carry on without worry. In my opinion, if you as a business or organization declare a zone to be free from a citizen's ability to protect them selves then you are assuming all responsibility to protect them while they are within your "zone". That should mean that if someone gets attached and/or shot by someone else not abiding by your zone, you should be responsible for that act and be libel because you failed to properly protect them while they were in your zone.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

She was SO regal and calm!

When the hostages had been released and their alleged captor arrested, a regal-looking Hillary Rodham Clinton strolled out of her Washington home, the picture of calm in the face of crisis.

Well of course she was calm in the face of a crisis, she was not involved. She was a at her Washington home. She might have been truly concerned and worried for their safety but she was not involved in the incident. Under those sort of circumstances, calm is easy. The AP sure did a fine job of objectively reporting the incident too, didn't they!

Monday, December 3, 2007

More do as I say, not as I do; Texas Style

This is more of that "do as I say" stuff that government at all levels can not help but do cause you know, they do know best.

State governments outlaw gambling but promote lotteries. They pass laws to restrict cigarettes cause they are bad for you but they won't outlaw them and will tax the crap out of them to raise money. They restrict alcohol cause it is bad for you but they won't outlaw it and they tax the crap out of it to raise money. Here in Florida you are required to wear a seat belt while driving a car but you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Teenagers are not allowed to buy cigarettes or alcohol because they don't have the capacity to make "adult" decisions on their use but it is perfectly OK for teenage girls to get on-demand abortions without parental consent in many parts of the country.

And now they are busting down the door at the local VFW cause they have no other more pressing crimes to investigate or put a stop to, like drug dealing and such. Welcome to more of the nanny state.

Judge Shopping

It is items like this that Activists (and activist lawyers) love to read and ordinary citizens fear. Judges that seem to allow their personal feelings and views to so invade their court rooms and rulings that lawyers of like cases actively seek them out for more favorable standing and rulings.