Monday, December 3, 2007

More do as I say, not as I do; Texas Style

This is more of that "do as I say" stuff that government at all levels can not help but do cause you know, they do know best.

State governments outlaw gambling but promote lotteries. They pass laws to restrict cigarettes cause they are bad for you but they won't outlaw them and will tax the crap out of them to raise money. They restrict alcohol cause it is bad for you but they won't outlaw it and they tax the crap out of it to raise money. Here in Florida you are required to wear a seat belt while driving a car but you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Teenagers are not allowed to buy cigarettes or alcohol because they don't have the capacity to make "adult" decisions on their use but it is perfectly OK for teenage girls to get on-demand abortions without parental consent in many parts of the country.

And now they are busting down the door at the local VFW cause they have no other more pressing crimes to investigate or put a stop to, like drug dealing and such. Welcome to more of the nanny state.

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