Monday, October 30, 2006

Keep the kids out of it...

I think this sort of thing is sad and pathetic. Using kids to parrot grown-ups words in an effort to sway adults is exploitation plain and simple. It is just wrong in political ads, in protests and in marches. It is wrong when pro-life protesters do it and when anti-war protesters do it.

Leave the kids ALONE! Those that do this sort of exploitation thinking they are making a point are mistaken. Adults know these kids are not expressing anything other than the opinion of their parents and to use kids in this way just debases the message. If you want to express your opinions, fine and dandy just leave the kids out of it.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Voter fraud is alive and well in the south!

It just is not the fraud you have been told to expect. Democratic groups are already putting into action their game plan of claiming voter fraud and disenfranchisement of voters. It seems though that at least in Missouri they are playing both sides at once.

Let us not forget the tire slashing incident that occurred Milwaukee. Some Democratic operatives slashed the tires of GOP 'get out the vote' vans but there was no disenfranchisement there, gosh no, cause that only affected GOP voters and everyone knows they are just evil and as such, don't count.

This is sort of activity (and it also includes the shouting down of speakers at collages, the vandalizing of GOP offices, the false accusations and the purposeful misrepresentation of the statements and positions of conservatives) is part of the same mindset. That liberals know what is best for "us" and it is a shame that we are just too stupid to see it and as such, they have to do whatever it takes to do what is best for us. If that means lying, stealing elections, engaging in voter fraud, and vandalism, well that is just the price they are willing to pay to do what is best. Don’t you understand? They are being the heroes and doing what must be done for the common good. That their idea of the common good might not match with yours or mine is irrelevant because we are irrelevant and our ideas don’t matter.

Update 11/1/06:
Yet more possible voter fraud, this time in Kansas City. I see a bit of a trend here...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is how you support the troops!

Aussie lass Beccy Cole who is singing "Poster Girl" in response to some of her fans who disagree with her supporting the Diggers, the Australian soldiers fighting in The Long War.

Monday, October 9, 2006

The Federal Budget Deficit: Bush Benchmark Achieved, Ignored

Yet more good news you will never hear about...

I was wondering about the whole "no economic news" thing lately as the economy is running strong, wages are up, deficit is down but the networks are mum. I guess this report is just part of the same "news blackout". You would think, by the silence that it was a government secret of national security or something. Wait no, if it was a national security secret, the Times would carry it front page. Maybe that is what George should do to get some press on this, slap a Top Secret sticker on it.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Boo Friggen Hoo

Now more than any other time in American history, maybe even in world history, a person is able to make of this life, what they wish. Hard work and effort will overcome much. Multitudes flock to this country from all parts of the world, even today, to take part in the opportunities that America makes available. That is key. America does not give you anything but the opportunity to fail or succeed. As just some random person, you are more in control of your future, here, now, in America then anywhere else in the world.

This being the case, why is it that so many continue to live and view their lives as though they were living in the 1950/1960? As an example, I submit the following:

In what amounts to a chromosomal crapshoot, I hit the jackpot. My award is beyond invaluable, because it amounts to societal immunity, failsafe and bulletproof, also serving as my key to success in virtually any endeavor I undertake. In fact, I should have rephrased that. I didn't hit the jackpot, I am the jackpot. I live pricelessly every day.

You see, following my conception, my identity anxiously bade the gestation period, awaiting the answer to the question posed when a white parent and a brown parent have a child together. While at one extreme, I could face prejudice, suffer discrimination, hate crimes, endure unwarranted fears and, in sum, take an insecure, uncomfortable place in society, there was also the chance of being wholly accepted, unconditionally trusted, overestimated, essentially enjoying a ridiculously smooth ride through life. I emerged into life red with dark, dark hair, evidence that I was indeed my father's son, but in less than a year my native colors washed away into a rosy cherubic theme.

Schools at all levels go out of their way to push and promote diversity awareness and affirmative action. There are EEO rules, regulations, and laws aplenty for business and government conduct in hiring, promotions and firings. Studies galore show constant reductions in racial stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. So why are so many still crying about a condition that is mostly cured?

I am white and have grown up in mostly white neighborhoods. My family would have been considered lower middle-class. I had some black friends growing up and they were usually better off than my family. Both of my parents worked. I graduated high-school but could not afford to go to collage so I joined the military instead and got training in computers. I worked at improving my career and life. I took advantage of opportunities and made some of my own. I am in my early forties, have worked for my self and for others. I am now at the management level and make a good living. I am still working on my collage degree. I hope to complete it within the next 3 or 4 years. I do not believe that anyone “held me down” but no one handed me anything either. Life is what you make it. If you are not happy with your lot in life, why not try working at improving it and quit your crying already? I would give odds that any random person in China, India, Korea (north or south), Africa, or the Middle East would trade places with you in a flash. So do us all a favor and just grow up.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Tequila Mockingbird

On October 3rd, Dahlia Lithwick had an article on Slate. It is titled:

Tequila Mockingbird
Justice Scalia opens the 2006 term with a bang.
By Dahlia Lithwick

The relevant section is:

Crooks adds that there are cases in which deportees have been extradited back to the United States based on violations of their supervised release, and that he may in the future want a visa to visit the United States, since his children live here. Justice Scalia says that "the doctrine of standing is more than an exercise in the conceivable. … Nobody thinks your client is really, you know, abstaining from tequila down in Mexico because he is on supervised release in the United States."

Nobody laughs. But then, nobody winces or flinches, either. Somehow, a remark that would have flattened us had a Souter spoken it is just a solid day at the office for Scalia. I have no idea where the tequila comment should register on the nation's macaca-meter. The more interesting question is about Scalia's deliberate carelessness with language, his sense that he is somehow above the sorts of linguistic delicacy the rest of us expect in our dealings with others. Indeed, he seems to think it's his obligation to be ever more reckless with his words, perhaps because he's about the only guy left who faces no consequences for his rhetorical body-slams.

What my questions is, what is the big deal? Why is she trying to manufacture an issue here? Scalia implied that Mexicans drink Tequila. This is equivalent to saying French men drink wine or Russians drink Vodka. The only problem I can see here is someone trying to invent an issue of racism or insensitivity where none exists. Dahlia, grow up already, everything is not a slight.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Geneva Con

Extracted from "Best of the Web Today" for Tuesday, October 3, 2006...

"Iraqi officers loyal to Saddam Hussain filmed their cold-blooded murder of two British bomb disposal officers who were captured after a roadside ambush," reports the Times of London, which describes the March 2003 incident:

An inquest was told that Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, 36, and Sapper Luke Allsopp, 24, thought that they were being taken to hospital for treatment, but instead they were moved to a compound run by Saddam's military intelligence.

The harrowing ordeal lasted for hours until Iraqi agents killed the pair. The soldiers were buried in a shallow grave.

We keep hearing that if we don't accord Geneva Convention protections to al Qaeda detainees, our soldiers will be at risk of mistreatment. But here is how an enemy--one that, unlike al Qaeda, actually is a signatory to Geneva--treats Western soldiers. So what exactly do we gain by even meeting our obligations under the Geneva Conventions, much less exceeding them?