Friday, October 27, 2006

Voter fraud is alive and well in the south!

It just is not the fraud you have been told to expect. Democratic groups are already putting into action their game plan of claiming voter fraud and disenfranchisement of voters. It seems though that at least in Missouri they are playing both sides at once.

Let us not forget the tire slashing incident that occurred Milwaukee. Some Democratic operatives slashed the tires of GOP 'get out the vote' vans but there was no disenfranchisement there, gosh no, cause that only affected GOP voters and everyone knows they are just evil and as such, don't count.

This is sort of activity (and it also includes the shouting down of speakers at collages, the vandalizing of GOP offices, the false accusations and the purposeful misrepresentation of the statements and positions of conservatives) is part of the same mindset. That liberals know what is best for "us" and it is a shame that we are just too stupid to see it and as such, they have to do whatever it takes to do what is best for us. If that means lying, stealing elections, engaging in voter fraud, and vandalism, well that is just the price they are willing to pay to do what is best. Don’t you understand? They are being the heroes and doing what must be done for the common good. That their idea of the common good might not match with yours or mine is irrelevant because we are irrelevant and our ideas don’t matter.

Update 11/1/06:
Yet more possible voter fraud, this time in Kansas City. I see a bit of a trend here...

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