Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Pajama Boy White House in a Pajama Boy World

The Pajama Boy in Chief surrounded by his Pajama Boy minions...

What exactly has birthed the Pajama Boy aristocracy — our overclass of pretentious, inexperienced, and smug 30-something masters of the universe?

Who hires and promotes Pajama Boys? Why, of course, Barack Obama, the Pajama Boy in Chief.

For the Pajama Boys, rhetoric is everything, reality nothing. Fooling the lower middle classes is the stuff of sarcastic comedy...

Read the whole thing, it is worth it...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hyperloop, hyper hype...

The current news is all abuzz about the [limited] demonstration of the new hyperloop project. On paper this sounds pretty interesting and as it is being done by (mostly?) private companies with their private money, more power to them.

I am sad to say that I don't think it will ever be deployed commercially. My reasons for my pessimism are:
  • NIMBY - This technology is basically a rail system, updated. It takes land to lay out the tube that this runs in. Think laying down a new freeway stretch. I see endless battles for easements and right of ways. Others will fight the addition of this "eye sore" that will spoil the value of their McManions and "blight" the area.
  • Environmentalists - I see endless court battles with the greenies over things like the habitat of the orange eyed, three toed, purple tree frog. Greenies do what greenies do. They oppose anything technology unless it is the "right" technology even if their "right" tech does more harm than good, cause it "feels good" to be on the side of Gaia!
  • Regulations - What started out as a "great idea" will get crushed under an endless stream of safety tests and local, state, and federal regulations involving everything from what plastic is used to support the seat frame to what is used to insulate the "pods" from temperature/noise.
  • Unions - Union contracts and union work rules will add additional large sums to the project costs. Combined with the NIMBY and environmental court costs, will dramatically increase the costs per foot of the project.
  • Occupancy - In order to make a "transportation" company successful you need to 1) get people from point a to point b, 2) more conveniently than if they were to drive themselves, and 3) cheap enough to make the "hassle" of not driving themselves worth it. That means that this "Hyperloop" must move enough people from where ever they are to where ever they want to go quickly enough and cheaply enough to out weigh the value of driving themselves from point a to point b. Any two of these are easy but all three is difficult to do for enough people to allow the business to make money. Think Amtrak.
Add all of these up and I just don't see "Hyperloop" making it. For that matter, I don't see any new, disruptive mass transportation system making it either unless it removes the requirement of a long distance physical infrastructure to enable it (i.e. train tracks or tubes).

Think I am making too much out of the impediments? When was the last time a large international airport was constructed? All of my above reasons for the failure of "Hyperloop" are the cause of the failure of all other "really large" projects. Even when you have the power of the Government behind you these big projects take a long time. Look at how long any large government projects take (i.e. Chicago's Big Dig, etc.) with their corresponding cost over-runs.

It is for reasons like those listed above that we "can't have nice things".

Monday, May 2, 2016

More of the tolerant left [we keep hearing about], this time going after a Trump supporter

Here is some raw footage of a Trump supporter trying to get to a Trump rally.

This is the left's idea of a peaceful protest against those that have differing opinion. This is how they allow democracy to play out in society. This is what we can expect more and more of as they are rewarded for this type of behavior by not being punished for it. Notice how the police do not help the man until after he makes it all the way through the crowd. After having been pushed, hit, tripped, etc. Instead of pushing back the crowd and helping him, they make him climb over a hedge.

More of the tolerant left we keep hearing so much about.

Do they ever show any of this on the nightly news? I am not a "Trump" man but these sorts of actions could turn me into one...

UPDATE: More can be read/seen here.

ObamaCare update, more stuff you likely haven't heard

Did you know that in January of this year (2016) that Congress sent a bill to the President to end ObamaCare? The President vetoed it, of course BUT did you hear it even happened? Was it reported on the nightly news? Was it reported in the papers? Did any of the morning talk shows discuss it?

Read a recap of the "entire story" here.

This is just another example of people only being aware of what the media decides you should know about as well as how it should be framed when they do decide to tell you about it.

Remember, there was NO such thing as a "white Hispanic" until the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida. The term never existed. Early news reports (trying to be first with a scoop) mistakenly indicated that Zimmerman was white due [mostly] to his last name. Once it became known that he was in fact Hispanic, instead of correcting the record they switched to "white Hispanic". This was to both negate the need for them to release a retraction/correction as well as to protect their "narrative" of "another innocent African-American youth getting gunned down by a white man".

Same here with ObamaCare. It is a disaster. Co-ops are going broke left and right. Premiums are on the rise and the insurance companies are asking for double-digit increases. Program approval ratings have never been good and are not increasing but it is the "signature" legislation of the Obama administration and the [at the time] Democrat Congress. It MUST succeed at any cost and bad news can not be permitted. This includes Congress submitting bills to end the program as well as the President vetoing those bills. The media must maintain the illusion that Republicans have not even tried to keep their promise to end ObamaCare. This is in part to maintain the illusion that all is well and that support for it is growing but also to maintain the illusion that it is too late to do anything about it and no one is even trying, The opposition has given up and accepted this monstrosity. It also helps to depress Republican turn out as some will think why bother if they are just as bad and don't even try anymore to keep their promises. Well they did try. It failed but they did try. Remember that and remember where you didn't hear about it as it should have been big news and it was. It was just the wrong kind of news.