Monday, May 2, 2016

ObamaCare update, more stuff you likely haven't heard

Did you know that in January of this year (2016) that Congress sent a bill to the President to end ObamaCare? The President vetoed it, of course BUT did you hear it even happened? Was it reported on the nightly news? Was it reported in the papers? Did any of the morning talk shows discuss it?

Read a recap of the "entire story" here.

This is just another example of people only being aware of what the media decides you should know about as well as how it should be framed when they do decide to tell you about it.

Remember, there was NO such thing as a "white Hispanic" until the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida. The term never existed. Early news reports (trying to be first with a scoop) mistakenly indicated that Zimmerman was white due [mostly] to his last name. Once it became known that he was in fact Hispanic, instead of correcting the record they switched to "white Hispanic". This was to both negate the need for them to release a retraction/correction as well as to protect their "narrative" of "another innocent African-American youth getting gunned down by a white man".

Same here with ObamaCare. It is a disaster. Co-ops are going broke left and right. Premiums are on the rise and the insurance companies are asking for double-digit increases. Program approval ratings have never been good and are not increasing but it is the "signature" legislation of the Obama administration and the [at the time] Democrat Congress. It MUST succeed at any cost and bad news can not be permitted. This includes Congress submitting bills to end the program as well as the President vetoing those bills. The media must maintain the illusion that Republicans have not even tried to keep their promise to end ObamaCare. This is in part to maintain the illusion that all is well and that support for it is growing but also to maintain the illusion that it is too late to do anything about it and no one is even trying, The opposition has given up and accepted this monstrosity. It also helps to depress Republican turn out as some will think why bother if they are just as bad and don't even try anymore to keep their promises. Well they did try. It failed but they did try. Remember that and remember where you didn't hear about it as it should have been big news and it was. It was just the wrong kind of news.

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