Friday, April 29, 2016

You are more likely to be raped in college than in prison, says government...

White House states that 8.5 percent of female inmates and 3.7 percent of male inmates experience sexual assault while in prison.

The White House also states that women have a 1 in 4 chance of being raped in college (rape culture and all).

This would mean that men are twice as likely and women nearly three times as likely to be raped on a college campus as they are in prison.

Based on this information:

a) Why would any parent send their children to college? Would this not be considered child abuse in any rational society?

b) Why are colleges still permitted to NOT involve police in every single allegation of rape? If this many rapes are taking place on our colleges, this is a massive crisis that should be addressed NOW by police.

The reality is no one actually believes these college rape stats. Everyone knows they are extremely overblown but they make it sound like there is a problem all the while the folks involved do their nod/nod/wink/wink while they profess what a "crisis" this is. Hire more administrators, setup more kangaroo courts, step on more individual rights, and hold more "education" events. All the while spending less time, money, and energy actually educating students in topics and subjects that they will need after they get out of school.

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