Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Astro-vandalism, newest weapon of the left?

It appears that a man who is an accountant for a number of Democratic-leaning political committees was caught vandalizing the Colorado Democratic Party headquarters. Of course the State Democratic Party Chairwoman was quick to blame local tea party people. Why let the truth get in the way of a good narrative, right?

Will the fact that this was done by an unpaid "volunteer" upset the SEIU? Is this not normally a union job?

Update: that last comment was meant as a joke but it appears that this person might have actually been paid (by the SEIU?) to vandalize the office.

The 1st amendment should apply everywhere!

This would be a protesting event anywhere else but not when it occurs in higher ed?

Now history is under attack because it "appears" un-PC. Oh the hypocrisy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Jeanane Garofalo certifiable?

I am no doctor but if one of my co-workers when on a rant saying these kinds of things, I would have to get HR involved for their safety and mine!
  • Tea Party Protesters 'Functionally Retarded Adults'
  • two stolen elections - yes, the John Kerry one was stolen too
  • contended the public's frustration expressed over the direction of the country was code for racism
  • "You know what they're really saying is, ‘I want my white guy back."
  • these tea baggers make me soul sick
Me thinks that she needs a vacation and maybe a psych-eval. Yet more pearls of wisdom from the "community based reality" crowd. Oh and how did that Air America thing work out?

Milton Freidman takes on Donahue over greed

and makes a good case.

Capitalism, an "ism" I can live with.

For those "leave Iraq now" folks...

So you still think that we should be out of Iraq and out now? Just pull out and to hell with those there that want the same things many of us take for granted? Things like freedom of speech, self defense and the pursuit of happiness? Our being in Iraq and giving those people an opportunity to have a democratic government and displacing the prior regime has saved far more lives than have been lost. The list of atrocities committed by Saddam against his own peoples is very well documented but I will include a sample:

- 1978-1979

Up to 7,000 Iraqi communists were executed by orders of the Ba'athist regime.

- 1982

The specific atrocity for which Saddam was hanged: 148 Shias were murdered in the village of Dujail.

- 1984

Up to 4,000 political prisoners in Abu Ghraib jail were tortured and killed. Saddam's favoured methods of torture included cutting off genitalia, gouging out eyes and acid baths.

- 1980-1988

Some 1.7m died on both sides during the Iran-Iraq war, started by Saddam.

- 1987-1989

At least 100,000 Kurds were slaughtered in the so-called Anfal campaign. Some were gassed, others cast alive into mass graves.

- 1988

On March 16, in the worst single atrocity of the Anfal campaign, 5,000 Kurds were killed when Saddam ordered planes to drop a mixture of mustard gas and the nerve agent sarin on the town of Halabja.

- 1990-1991

About 25,000 Iraqi troops are thought to have died in the seven-month Gulf War, which began when US-led forces entered Iraq following Saddam's invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Estimates of Iraqi civilian deaths have varied wildly - up to 200,000. The coalition death toll was 378 and many troops suffered from the unexplained "Gulf War syndrome".

- 1991

Tens of thousands were killed as Saddam attempted to put down a popular rebellion following his defeat by the US-led forces in February 1991. More than 100,000 Shias were killed; a similar number of Kurds died. About 200,000 Marsh Arabs were killed or made homeless.

- 1993-1998

About 3,000 prisoners were machine-gunned to death at Mahjar prison in central Baghdad.,opinion,saddam-era-the-death-toll

Losses to the U.S. since the invasion have be just over 4000. What ever this number would be, it would be too high but in comparison to the number of lives saved and to adding another democracy to that region, most people looking at the facts would have to admit that it was needed and continues to be. If pulling all of the troops out now undermines and undoes all that has been done, than the troops must be left to continue to hold on to what has been gained.

As to those that say, look to Vietnam. Look how well they are doing now and since we left. I say, you are right, it has been a virtual paradise since the US left in 1975:

Modern research has located thousands of mass graves from the Khmer Rouge era all over Cambodia, containing an estimated 1.39 million bodies. Various studies have estimated the death toll at between 740,000 and 3,000,000, most commonly between 1.4 million and 2.2 million, with perhaps half of those deaths being due to executions, and the rest from starvation and disease

Carnivorous Jungle Plant Gobbles Rats Whole

Very interesting...

Bill Whittle & The Great Liberal Narrative

As always, Bill Whittle is a must see. Watch the clip and learn more of what our media overlords don't want you to know!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming soon to a National Healthcare plan near you!

The most shocking thing was not the lying. Nor even the incompetence. It was our total lack of surprise at the turn of events, since after 15 years suffering from the failings of the National Health Service we are prepared for almost any ineptitude.

The simple truth is that the larger the bureaucracy, the less responsive it is to individual customers and their unique circumstances. Don't forget the government can't run what they have now in an efficient and productive manner and you want to give them your health care too?

The more centralized, the more standardized. If you do not fit into the standard form, forget you. Regardless of if your specific needs are way outside the box or just a hair. If the policy says for issue A, do B, too bad for you if B does not work. Bureaucrats are not generally knows for their free thinking ways and flexibility.

Just remember, you wanted change. Well had your fill yet?

No pictures for you!

Fellow patrons had their cellphones temporarily confiscated to prevent pictures from being taken.

What is this? Russia? What in the world was their justification for confiscating everyone's cell phone? I mean a real reason, not the "no pictures" reason. This is still (last time I checked) America and the restaurant was not under marshal law so the confiscation of phones should have been illegal. What would the SS have done if someone refused? Would they have dragged out the malcontent? Imagine the howls of rage from the media and ACLU if this had happened with the last first lady. That would have just reinforced the Bush = Nazi meme but this, this is different!

Stimulus speed bump

or train wreck?

Of the world’s biggest economies, only the U.S., Britain and Italy are still contracting. All three are big stimulators, though Gordon Brown and Silvio Berlusconi can’t compete with Obama’s $800 billion porkapalooza. The president has borrowed more money to spend to less effect than anybody on the planet.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

ObamaCare's Contradictions

So the health-care status quo needs top-to-bottom reform, except for the parts that "you" happen to like. Government won't interfere with patients and their physicians, considering that the new panel of experts who will make decisions intended to reduce tests and treatments doesn't count as government. But Medicare shows that government involvement isn't so bad, aside from the fact that spending is out of control—and that program needs top-to-bottom reform too.
Ronald Reagan used to joke that the nine most terrifying words in the English language were "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

Just the facts we think are fit...

This is just too much! Watch the video in the title link. It is what MSNBC aired on an Obama townhall story. The first man shown in the clip has a rifle and side-arm and is only shown at the waist. You never see all of him. The clip then shows (completely) a second man with a pistol. The anchors in the news room then go on to discuss the "racial" overtones of white people bringing guns to Obama events because we have a black president. But what MSNBC did not want you to see (and they went to great lengths to hide) is that the man with the rifle and gun is black too.

Why was the second man shown in his entirety and the first man not? The second man only had a pistol. The first had a rifle and a pistol. Framing the first man's full body would have completely shown both the pistol and the evil looking rifle. So why did they block the shot to just the waist? Could it have been to try and hide the fact that the first man is black? That is the only reason that makes sense considering that the news room narrative was about white people with guns at the President's event. A clear lie but as usual, why let reality get in the way of the meme?

When asked why he had weapons at the event, the man said:

Because I can do it," Chris said when asked why he brought guns to the rally at 3rd and Washington streets. "In Arizona, I still have some freedoms left.

As an aside, do I think it is "smart" to bring guns to these types of events, no but as is noted in the second article linked in, it is legal to open carry in Arizona and that person was not breaking any laws.

Biden may run in 2016

I thought that this was so funny that I almost wet myself!

And this gem is too precious!

Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to Obama, said in an interview that Biden's verbal missteps are forgivable: "We all have to have our words clarified at times. That's part of what makes the vice president so endearing.

Have to have our words clarified at times? You you kidding me? Biden does not have the verbal skills to fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He mis-speaks more often than Nancy P. and Ted K. combined. He is a social buffoon and the only reason he is VP instead of Hillary is that Obama wanted to make sure he lived through his term. I could win against Biden in a head's up race for goodness sakes! Biden running in 2016 would just about guarantee a Republican president in 2017.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2000 days and counting!

NASA's Spirit rover recently marked its 2,000th Mars workday. Not bad for something expected to last only 90!

Unlicensed Bicycles?

Topeka police are warning local bicycle owners they could face up to $76 in fines and court costs if they're caught pedaling unlicensed bikes.


The city ordinance has been in effect at least since 1973. Licenses are free and available at the city's fire stations.

Sorry but bike licenses just strikes me as asinine. The licenses are currently free but if the police have stepped up enforcement that would indicate a renewed interest in the bike licenses. I don't think it is too much of a stretch to think that this might be a revenue source for the city. First raise awareness by enforcing the law on bike licenses and then once you get enough demand, start charging for them with the rational being that so many are needed, you can't afford to give them away for free anymore. To me this looks like a backdoor tax effort. I would be interested in the statistics on how many stolen bikes have been recovered as a result of the licenses.

Should be an OSHA requirement!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No more flagging yourself...

Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.

It seems that you can no longer follow the advice in this post about flagging yourself as this route was just a little too blatant and will have to just keep your eyes open for other sorts of "back door" reporting like this perhaps?

We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via

That didn't take long. A number of people have said that this is all so innocent and that the far right has made too big a deal about this attempt of the White House to simply gather up the falsehoods so that they could effectively respond. To those folks I as a simple question; How would you and the media have reacted if the GWB White House asked folks to forward them any emails or web pages containing "fishy" Iraq war information? Nuf said...

I believe that this image is from but am not sure...

Thousands Quit AARP Over Health Reform

CBS News has learned that up to 60,000 people have cancelled their AARP memberships since July 1, angered over the group's position on health care.

Good! Also, I think that if people better understood the AARP position on the 2nd Amendment, even more would leave...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Truth is truth...

You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.*

* Adrian Rogers, 1931-2005

Just fake it!

This seems to be a trend. What is a poor liberal to do when they can't count on a conservative to behave in a hateful manner? Why just fake it! Works for collage professors, anti-war protesters and individuals! Best of all, you hardly have to worry about the MSM picking up on the story (damn that Fox News).

Black Man Pleads Guilty to Posing as Obama-Hating White Supremacist on Facebook

Man with gun in a Sonny’s Barbecue

How sensible!

A man — late 40s, big, with a wife and a daughter — came in with an empty holster on his belt. As he sat down at the booth next to mine, the manager came by and asked him if he’d left his gun in the car. Yes, said the man, who had a permit but thought he wasn’t allowed to carry in restaurants in Tennessee.. Well, they’ve changed the law, said the manager, and if you want to go get it that’s fine with us. It’s legal now, and I’m happy to have you carrying — if somebody tries to rob me, it’s two against one.

And everyone was able to complete their meals in peace! The "gun toting" diner did not go "postal" and start shooting up the place. No one was injured or threatened and the evening proceeded without incident. No story at 11, cause well nothing happened!

Toshiba announces new SD cards

announced two new SDHC cards with capacities of 16 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes (the SDHC spec tops out at 32 gigs). These cards, which will also be available next spring, can be used in existing cameras and camcorders that support the SDHC format.

Nice.. More memory, same package!

Also, they have announced a new 64-gigabyte card that is based on the new SDXC (XC for extended capacity) format. This one will not work in existing products without some sort of upgrade, if that is possible.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I was for disruptors before I was against disruptors!

or maybe it was just that she was for them when she agreed with them...

Pure genius!

Go FLAG yourself!

Expanding the definition of marriage

As is discussed in the linked video, I have thought for some time that the push to recognize and legalize gay marriage in the U.S. will be a wedge event to drive acceptance of other non-traditional forms of marriage, marriage with multiple partners (i.e. group marriage). My thinking on this goes as follows:
  • The original marriage construct was meant for the creation and raising of children.
  • The government got involved because it was in their interests to promote families.
  • Gay marriage does not have as its base, the creation and raising of children, it is for the couple, the relationship. The desire for legal recognition which will drive social services and have legal ramifications.
  • If gay marriage is accepted (a relationship between two people of the same sex that will not/can not produce children) as a number of states have or are trying to do, why not three men? What is the legal difference between a marriage involving 2 men and one involving 3? What would be the bases for denying the rights of three men to get married if it is legal for 2 men to get married?
  • If three men can get married, what would be the legal basis for denying two men and one woman from getting married? The precedent for multiple partners has been set within the same-sex construct.

I am not saying I am for or against any of this, I am just saying that I think that this is inevitable based on what is happening to the definition and legal description of where marriage is going today. I think that the major push-back will come from government agencies where the multiple partner families start demanding government services like SS and Medicare/Medicaid. This will also play havoc with the definition of a legal parent. Is it the biological parents only or all partners in the marriage?

This idea has been slightly explored in a Robert A. Heinlein novel "The moon is a harsh mistress".

If my logic is in error, please comment.

Health Care Astroturfing

So, who are the people "astroturfing"? The following is from an SEIU email instructing union members attending a health care townhall on how to act and to try and hide the fact that they are part of an organized effort by urging them to create "homemade" signs. I also like the part where the opposition is simply based on "Fox-news style ignorance" rather than a true difference of opinion. Oh and the SEIU crowd "are the sane, educated side". Right...

If you plan on staying outside the building (or have to because the venue becomes full), please make and bring a sign. The anti-reform signs are homemade and look like they are real constituents (some of them are constituents, but some are paid to be there). Positive educational signs work best, rather than sarcastic ones or nasty ones. Their “facts” are based in complete Fox-news style ignorance. Remember WE are the sane, educated side. These rallies are photographed and the media will print or publish great signs. (see below for sign ideas from Nancy Cronk.)


Some sign ideas from Nancy: Every week, 14,000 Americans lose their health care. No Rush - health care reform has been on the table since 1949. Reform means choice. Keep your own plan if you want it. Health Reform NOW. Thank-you Barack Obama. Everyone deserves Health Care. Health Care for all - it’s the moral option. Jesus would not deny anyone. Every other modern country insures everyone - why not U.S.?

I don't know what kool-aid they are drinking but this statement is so far from the truth that their noses MUST be growing!

Surveys show we are the majority.

Ha! Sorry but repeating the same lie often enough still does not make it true. All recent polling shows health care reform either dead even or a majority against.


And I am rather surprised that this actually made the LA Times! They will get their union cards revoked for accidentally covering this story: Wanted: Obama healthcare reform volunteers willing to be paid $15 an hour. a web ad on Craigslist: "You can work for change. Join motivated staff around the country working to make change happen. You can make great friends and money along the way. Earn $400-$600 a week."

What is really funny is that the article can not help but include "both sides appear to have paid lobbyists". There is a big difference between paid Washington lobbyists and the implication that those protesting against reform are paid. The only paid protesters that the LA Times gives evidence of are those supporting the reform plan.

More Update:

And this gem!

Roxana Mayer introduces herself as a doctor (a general practitioner for four years) in order to support ObamaCare and Jackson-Lee in a fairly hostile crowd. For her efforts, she gets a big hug from the Congresswoman, an image which the Houston Chronicle featured prominently on their website coverage of the event.

Not only was Mayer not a doctor, Roxana Mayer was an Obama delegate, as Patterico discovered with some digging. What’s more, the Houston Chronicle apparently knew this and failed to include it in its glowing coverage of Mayer’s appearance.

They are getting so desperate that they are getting sloppy! All of this could have slipped quietly under the radar a few years ago but no longer (thank God!).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

timiditas et deditio

A more appropriate motto for Yale, "timiditas et deditio" (cowardice and surrender) to replace their current and obviously outdated motto of “lux et veritas” (light and truth) in light of the recent decision by the Yale University Press to publish a book about the recent world wide brouhaha over the publication of cartoons of Mohammad (good for them so far) and not actually include the very cartoons that all the "fuss" was about. This means that the book will talk all about it but not actually show any of them so that the reader can make up their own mind as to the offensiveness of these cartoons in comparison to the uproar that they caused. Brilliant!

For anyone that is still unaware, you can catch up (and see the cartoons) here.

How congress listens to the public...

Here is an outstanding example of how our congress is listening to our concerns over what they are doing to America with their health care takeover plan...

In this case, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston) is at a townhall event where a constituent is making her opinion on this plan known. During the middle of her statement, Sheila Jackson answers and talks on her cell phone.

I am just wondering if she would have answered her phone if the person talking agreed with the Obama plan instead of opposing it? Either way, class act...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why not "do nothing"?

As noted in the linked article, sometimes doing nothing is far better than doing something. Not every "problem" can be fixed by "doing something". Unfortunately for us, politicians see everything as problems to be solved by doing something, even doing anything so that at least they can say that they tried to fix it, completely ignoring the historical evidence that most government "fixes" make things far more worst for the effort.

In this specific case, the government wants to completely redo (read screw) 96% of the population to expand support (that already exists) for the remaining 4%. Don't forget, a big reason we are in the position we are in now with health care (which really is not that bad all things considered) is that government got involved in the first place. Government is involved a) in giving tax breaks to businesses for offering health insurance which should be stopped because it hides the real costs of services from the consumer, b) mandating (mostly at the state level) specific levels of coverage instead of allowing citizens to truly pick just the coverage they want, and c) artificially tampering with insurance pools to skew the cost curve by not allowing insurers to either charge the real rate for insurance to specific individuals based on lifestyle and/or pre-existing conditions like life insurance currently can.

Health insurance was originally intended to cover catastrophic illness, not routine and preventative items. It now (in many cases) covers office visits, prescriptions, pregnancy benefits (even for men) and other extensions that many people would rather not have but forces an across the board cost increase on everyone. Health insurance was meant to be like life insurance, you pay a little to cover you for the rare occurrence of something tragic. You only die once and hope that it is far in the future but there are no guarantees so as a responsible adult, you get life insurance now, pay a little along and along and know your family is covered if you die. That is what health insurance was and could (maybe should) be again. You pay a little along and along to cover you for the rare big ticket things like accidents that result in hospital stays. You pay for your own yearly check up and your own Viagra. Is that so hard to understand and accept? All it takes is a little personal responsibility both for your life and your choices, something that too few are willing to own these days.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Congress

Congressman Eugene Green, a Democrat from Texas, is saying that if you're not from his home district, you're not welcome at his future town hall meetings. His plan to enforce this "rule" is to check photo IDs at the door.

He thinks that it is important that he only hear from HIS constituents, HIS voters but based on his actually voting record, he does not feel quite as strongly when it comes to general elections.

  • Voted no on requiring photo ID for voting in federal elections (Sept 2006)
  • Rejected photo ID requirements for voting (Sept 2005)

So to Eugene Green, it is more important to restrict his local town hall meetings to locals than it is to restrict US voting to US citizens. Nice...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adjustable eye glasses


Now (as some of the commenters pointed out) they need to make these self-adjusting. The optometrist has a machine that can estimate your prescription with a high degree of accuracy. They just need to shrink that technology and embed it into these glasses. I would take a pair!

Hologram Advancements

If you have time, read the article. If you do not have time, watch the video! This is really interesting convergence of technology and it will be very interesting to see how this evolved over the next few years.

This reminds me of an IBM innovation in the 80s. It was a 3D hologram display system. It utilized rotating plastic paddles and an imaging system to create a 360 viewable display that allowed you to see rendered objects from any angle. It was not a true hologram but used timed lasers to highlight points on the spinning paddles to create shapes. It was extremely innovative at the time but I never heard/saw any commercial products come from it. Shame.

I hope this fairs better. It looks to be fairly inexpensive from a components perspective.

Black Panther voter intimidation case

It is time to answer a simple question: why did the Obama Justice Department dismiss an egregious case of voter intimidation that was already won?

House Democrat's Health Care plan flowchart

This is a flow chart of the House Democrat's health care plan. We sure will get a lot of savings out of the efficiencies in this process!

Gotta love this "post-racial America"

"Democrat union heavies can beat up a black guy using racial epithets and leave him in a wheelchair unable to speak — and happily (unlike, say, a black professor being asked for picture ID) it's not "symbolic" of anything at all. Not a Sharpton in sight to speak up for him"

Don't you remember, it is not racist when Democrats do it, especially when they do it to a conservative man of color.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help the government get to the bottom of the Health Care lies!

There are just so many lies circulating about Obama's health care plan(s) that the White house is asking for your help tracking them down and "correcting" them. Watch and learn...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't look behind the curtain...

For the slice of the uninsured that is left — perhaps about 2% of all American citizens — Team Obama would dismantle the world’s greatest health care system. That’s a losing proposition, which is why Mr. Obama is increasingly resorting to fear and misleading claims. It’s all the candidate of hope has left.

Operation Embarrass Your Congressman

This actually sounds like a real good idea as long as this documents how ignorant congressmen are on real issues. It is my opinion that we get the government we deserve and based on what we have right now, we are a bunch of morons! With luck this site will help highlight and draw attention to how idiotic, moronic and selfish a lot of congressmen are and get people fed up enough to vote them out of office.

A Water-Powered Jetpack

Those that are burned out on Jet Skies might want to give this a try. Looks like a lot of fun. Is a bit pricey though so might wind up as a vacation spot rental and theme park attraction more than a public consumable.

Put your own stuff into space for $8K

Now this is pretty cool! For only $8,000 you can get a 1/2 pound payload into a low earth orbit that will last for several weeks. This is not something that everybody will take advantage of but for the serious hobbyist and/or collage/university this is a big deal! A relatively inexpensive way to get small experiments into space. I would like to see a lot more of this. Anything that gets space more exciting and/or cheap is "a very good thing".