Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just the facts we think are fit...

This is just too much! Watch the video in the title link. It is what MSNBC aired on an Obama townhall story. The first man shown in the clip has a rifle and side-arm and is only shown at the waist. You never see all of him. The clip then shows (completely) a second man with a pistol. The anchors in the news room then go on to discuss the "racial" overtones of white people bringing guns to Obama events because we have a black president. But what MSNBC did not want you to see (and they went to great lengths to hide) is that the man with the rifle and gun is black too.

Why was the second man shown in his entirety and the first man not? The second man only had a pistol. The first had a rifle and a pistol. Framing the first man's full body would have completely shown both the pistol and the evil looking rifle. So why did they block the shot to just the waist? Could it have been to try and hide the fact that the first man is black? That is the only reason that makes sense considering that the news room narrative was about white people with guns at the President's event. A clear lie but as usual, why let reality get in the way of the meme?

When asked why he had weapons at the event, the man said:

Because I can do it," Chris said when asked why he brought guns to the rally at 3rd and Washington streets. "In Arizona, I still have some freedoms left.

As an aside, do I think it is "smart" to bring guns to these types of events, no but as is noted in the second article linked in, it is legal to open carry in Arizona and that person was not breaking any laws.

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