Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How many "strawmen" can Obama pack into one speech?

It sure looks like he was going for a personal best with this speech at West Point.

Not sure exactly who he was posturing against but he sure lined up the straw men for himself to knock down.

  • He argues that America has never been stronger "relative to the other countries" in the world and "those that speak of America's decline are wrong". Sorry but those two are not mutually exclusive. America can be stronger then ever "compared to all other current countries" as well as have much less standing in the world than in the past. The country is in decline. Deficits are larger than ever. Regulations are more oppressive. Opportunities are less. The President has managed to upset nearly all of our allies and has shown himself to be soft to all of America's enemies.
  • He also continues with (what everyone perceives as) an empty threat against Iran and its nuclear program. That ship has sailed. Iran knows full well that the President has no will to do anything and is simply posturing so that when Israel does have to do something, he has cover.

Obama has zero credit internationally. Kerry has zero credit internationally. Hillary has zero credit internationally. For that matter you could say the same for all three nationally.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Google, whatever happened to "Don't be evil"?

Today Google chooses to honor the marine biologist and “Silent Spring” author Rachel Carson. What happened to Google's motto of "don't be evil"? Because of Rachel Carson's radical environmentalism, millions of children have died from malaria and other mosquito born illnesses.

Her book was based on shoddy science and was more a story than documentation but as a story, it succeeded. It helped end the availability of the best weapon against the mosquito, DDT. There was and is scant real evidence that DDT was the cause of any of the issues described in her book. Its banning was an over-reaction to faulty science and and an interesting story that resulted in millions of people paying for her prose with their lives.

While critics of Silent Spring have tended to focus on the one-sidedness of Rachel Carson’s case or on those of her claims that have not held up over time, the fraudulence of Silent Spring goes beyond mere cherry-picking or discredited data: Carson abused, twisted, and distorted many of the studies that she cited, in a brazen act of scientific dishonesty. So the real tragic irony of the millions of deaths to malaria in the past several decades is that the three central anti-DDT claims made by Carson and other activists are all false.

For Google to honer her in this way is a travesty.

Is this still America?

A chilling message from the cartels: Billboards with hanging mannequins warning cops to choose 'silver over lead' appear in Texas

So we now have the Mexican drug cartels blatantly threatening US law enforcement to except bribes or die. But according to the Democrats we don't have a border problem. We don't have an immigration problem. We don't have a crime problem. We need to reduce our immigration restrictions, open our borders and stop deporting illegals.

In fact it seems that the only things the US Government wants to deport are German homeschoolers and guns (fast-n-furious anyone).

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Howard Dean: “Republicans Aren’t American!”

So Howard Dean who represents the Democratic party (you would be hard pressed to argue otherwise) has stated that Republicans are not American. What was their (our?) great crime? Wanting a more honest and fair election process. You know, simple things like asking for a photo ID, like nearly every other country that has a public vote requires.

To Democrats any tightening of the voting process, in order to keep it honest is oppression. According to Democrats, there is no voter fraud. None what so ever. Nope, never happens. It is all a right wing lie!

Friday, May 16, 2014

French say world to end in 500 days!

In two languages, French Foreign Minister Lauren Fabius started the countdown Tuesday to climate change disaster, speaking in Washington before a meeting with American counterpart Secretary of State John Kerry.

“We have 500 days to avoid the climate chaos,” Fabius said in French.

 “And we have – as I said, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos, and I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success on this very important matter.”

OK, he didn't actually say the world will end in 500 days but he did pin an actual, near-term number on the count down to a "climate change disaster". So there will be calamity in 16 months.

So, build your ark and/or finish your prep cause according to the the French, the end is now...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In news of the impossible: Homeowner uses AR-15 to defend himself

Homeowner uses AR-15 to repel invader armed with pistol.

Can't be true! Must be a lie! Democrats and the gun-control lobby tell us that those evil looking, military style, black, "assault" rifles are NEVER used for hunting or self defense. Never, ever, ever!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Despicable Me

Young Gru: Mom, someday, I'm going to go to the moon.

Gru's Mom: I'm afraid you're too late, son. NASA isn't sending the monkeys anymore.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Incredible Watch Accurately Shows Solar System’s Movements On Your Wrist

This watch includes the 6 inner most planets on its face and the orbits are correct (i.e. takes the Earth one year to make a complete revolution on the watch). What an incredible feat of design and execution! This link includes more information including a video about the watch.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Holocaust Assignment gets Railto Unified School District in Hot Water

The school district says the purpose of the assignment is to help students develop critical thinking skills, and debate whether the Holocaust was a "propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain."

In an essay, students were asked to research the Holocaust and argue whether or not they believe it was real or fictional.

Right, because this topic is subject to "interpretation" and reasoned debate. It is not "settled" like Man Made Global Warming which [everyone who is anyone knows] is "settled science" and no more debate is needed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Fletcher Capstan Table

This is a very interesting table design, the table increases in size simply by rotating the top. The table leafs are hidden within the table where they appear and disappear as you spin the top.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Second Amendment according to Common Core

In textbooks approved by Common Core, the Second Amendment is described as:

1) The Second Amendment: The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

2) This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison. The founding fathers included this amendment to prevent the United States from acting like the British who had tried to take weapons away from the colonists.

These are just two examples of how common core is both "dumbing down" the second amendment as well as trying to redefine what it actually says and means, even as the Supreme Court has upheld it original meaning.

When the left can't get what it wants through laws, they try the courts. When they can't get what they want through the courts, they go to media and education. If generations are raised on ignorance of their rights, they won't miss them. For the left today, all belongs to the State except what the State allows you to keep.