Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who Should Apologize?

Kirsten A. Powers nails this so much better than I could. Read the whole thing and then send a link to 10 of your friends.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The center of all evil?

For those that believe Israel is the center of all evil and oppression in the Middle East, please answer me this: why if Israel is so evil and oppressive, do they allow an Islamic collage, Al Qasemi to be in Israel? Can you name one Israeli collage in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, or Syria?

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Truth to Power

I find it incredibly amusing when I hear or read about some liberal or left-wing or democrat “speaking truth to power”. Right now, in this country, you can stand just about anywhere you want and say just about anything you want and this is the norm, despite what a lot of left leaning people/publications would have you believe.

Truly speaking “truth to power” was that guy in Tiananmen Square in China standing in front of that tank. Speaking truth to power is being a political dissident in North Korea. You know, places where people still disappear in the middle of the night to never be heard from again? Despite what some would have you believe, that does not happen here in America. There are ZERO penalties for saying just about any thing you want. Heck, you have people on cable news shows and radio shows advocating the killing of the President of the United States with impunity. If this were truly the country of oppression of free expression that some prattle on about, none of these folks would be around anymore, yet they not only exist, they proliferate. So save me your crocodile tears over how civil liberties are dead and freedom is just an illusion until after you have spent years in a high security prison, in solitary, for writing about wanting to be free like what used to happen in the old USSR.

Yet another reason I'm glad I live in Florida...

though as the author points out, the "forces of evil" will stop at nothing to roll back the tide.