Monday, March 31, 2014

President Obama "“It's a website where you can compare and purchase affordable health insurance plans, side-by-side, the same way you shop for a plane ticket on Kayak, same way you shop for a TV on Amazon.”

Except its not.

After months of scandal, Maryland to scrap its $125.5 million state health exchange which won praise from President Obama.

Yesterday, after spending at least $125.5 million on its design and implementation, the Washington Post reported Maryland state officials have deemed the site “broken beyond repair,” and will scrap the entire project.

This could be said for the entire "Obamacare" project except the money spend was / is way, WAY more and more people got hurt and the folks (Democrats) that voted for this fiasco still have not admitted defeat. Why should they? They still have more of our money to spend on it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Someone who’s not "David Gregory" convicted of stupid DC gun law violation

Mr. Witaschek’s court proceedings, which to date have spanned nearly two years and now appear likely to continue into the appellate stage.

the case centered on a single inert piece of ammunition, which rested on Mr. Witascheck’s desk in the District

the saboted lead balls have no powder or propellant attached, so are not “live…”

The primer on the shotgun shell had already been struck by the firing pin. Mr. Witaschek kept the misfired shell on his home office desk as a memento from a hunt.

Ultimately, Mr. Witaschek was sentenced to time served, a $50 fine, and is required to enroll with the Metropolitan Police Department’s firearm offenders’ registry within 48 hours.

So, David Gregory (and his associates) specifically asked if they could possess and show an illegal 30 round magazine on TV while filming in D.C., were told NO, did it anyway and face no repercussions for their clearly illegal act but a man with unusable ammunition components that he did not know were illegal has to spend 2 years and unknown dollars fighting this stupidity and is still convicted.

It was later determined by the Office of Attorney General, in no uncertain terms, that Gregory and NBC clearly violated D.C. laws by possessing the magazine. The MPD delivered a Warrant and supporting Affidavit to OAG, a document OAG has refused to provide to Legal Insurrection in response to our Freedom of Information Act request, and which we are now fighting in court (with the help of Judicial Watch) to obtain.

Notwithstanding this determination that Gregory and NBC News violated the law, the OAG opted not to prosecute Gregory or anyone at NBC because, among other things, “prosecution would not promote public safety in the District of Columbia nor serve the best interests of the people of the District to whom this office owes its trust.”

I wonder what could have caused the "book" to be thrown at Mr. Witaschek but Mr. Gregory gets completely off even though Gregory was warned what he was planning on doing was against the law but chose to do it anyway? It could not have had anything to do with Mr. Gregory's politics and public profile, could it? No, that is just crazy talk... 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tiananmen Square

I was thinking on "true to power" the other day and how the modern left with their various causes fend at being "the little guy" going up against "the man". With their various "slut walks" and "OWS" type events, they get all puffed up. Look at us, look at how brave we are. Poppy cock! It is not brave to shout at groups or businesses or even politicians in America. You will not get dragged off to a small, dark cell.

The gentleman in the photo (on June 5, 1989) was brave. He was literally "speaking truth to power". He faced death, lifetime imprisonment, torture, only the Lord knows what, for following his conscience and standing in front of that tank (and tank column).

The other hero in this picture is the driver of that tank. He was very likely given orders to push on but he stopped. He took as big a risk or maybe bigger in not moving forward. As a military man, he likely disobeyed a direct order and may have been killed for that.

There are conflicting stories of the fate of the individuals involved, mostly the civilian. He is either free and in hiding, in prison, or executed. He is either known or not known. There appears to be no information on the solders in the tank.

I do wonder what really happened to these two heroes of that day, the citizen with his groceries and the solder in the tank. That sort of bravery deserves to be remembered.

Frozen pink dwarf planet spotted beyond Pluto

This is the third such dwarf planet discovered in recent years. Until recently, scientists thought that this area of space (just outside our solar system) was void of objects of any size but now, after this third discovery are re-assessing that theory.

Also mentioned in this article: In a separate discovery published in Nature, a team led by Felipe Braga-Ribas of the National Observatory in Brazil found a pair of rings around an asteroid-like interloper in the outer system named Chariklo.

Other than the gas giants, this is the first object found that also supports rings.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A (brief) history of the lawless ACA

Here is a (partial?) chronological list of the various delays and waivers of the ACA law by the Whitehouse that occurred WITHOUT authority as the Whitehouse does not have the right to change law, only the responsibility to enforce the law.
  • Nov. 15, 2012: Exchange deadline delayed. The Department of Health and Human Services gave states an extra month to decide whether they would set up their own health insurance exchanges — a decision they announced just one day before the original deadline.
  • July 2: Employer mandate delayed. The administration declared that it wouldn't enforce the fines in 2014 for businesses with more than 50 full-time workers who don’t offer health coverage. The fines were pushed back to 2015.
  • Nov. 21: Open enrollment delayed for 2015. The administration pushed back next year’s enrollment season by a month.
  • Nov. 27: SHOP delayed. Online enrollment for the federal health insurance exchanges for small businesses was delayed.
  • Dec 12: Enrollment deadline extended. Customers on the federal enrollment website were given nearly two more weeks to sign up for coverage effective Jan. 1.
  • Dec. 24: Enrollment deadline extended. In a message on, customers were told they could get help finishing their Jan. 1 applications if they were already in line on Dec. 24.
  • Jan. 14: High risk pools extended. The high-risk insurance pools, which originally had been slated to close Jan. 1, had already been extended once.
  • Feb. 10: Employer mandate delayed. This time, businesses with between 50 and 100 workers were given until 2016 to offer coverage, and the mandate will be phased in for employers with more than 100 workers.
  • March 14: High risk pools extended. The special, temporary coverage for people with serious pre-existing conditions — which was only supposed to last until the health insurance exchanges were in place — was extended a third time for another month.
  • March 25: Final enrollment deadline extended. The March 31 deadline — the end of enrollment for 2014 — will be loosened for people with special sign-up circumstances.
So much for the ACA being the law of the land, it is more like silly putty, to be stretched and pulled however Obama feels is convenient!

Monday, March 24, 2014

More "But there is no such thing as voter fraud!"

Last week Al Sharpton embraced convicted vote fraudster Melowese Richardson at a “voting rights” rally in Cincinnati. The United States Department of Justice under Eric Holder has done nothing to Melowese Richardson 410 days after she admitted on camera that she committed multiple federal felonies by voting six times for President Obama’s reelection.

Voting is both a right and a privilege. If you don't "feel" like going through the effort to vote on election day, you don't care enough to vote. The voting window should be reduced and absentee voting should be more tightly controlled / restricted. It is a disgrace that Iraq can run a cleaner vote that we can in America.

Friday, March 21, 2014

You Can't Tell the Players without a Score Card

Why would the Washington Post embarrass itself by republishing a thoroughly discredited attempt to link the Koch brothers to the Keystone Pipeline? Because that is a Democratic Party talking point, and the Post is a Democratic Party newspaper. But the truth is a little worse than that. 

Who is Post reporter Juliet Eilperin? Among other things, she is married to Andrew Light, who writes on climate policy for the Center for American Progress. The Center for American Progress is an Obama administration front group headed by John Podesta, who is a “special advisor” to the Obama administration. CAP’s web site, Think Progress, has carried out a years-long vendetta against the Koch brothers that has focused largely on the environment. Ms. Eilperin’s conflict in writing about environmental issues has already been a subject of controversy at the Post. The paper’s ombudsman should examine this latest example of Ms. Eilperin throwing facts to the winds in her eagerness to promote her (and her husband’s) far-left agenda.

And there it is...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

File Under the "what the hell were they thinking" Department

Abortion nonprofit rewards donors with horrific ‘token of thanks’...

Talk about mistaken "optics", this is just plain twisted. For now, the original web page is still up at this link so that you can see that this is real. I think I understand what they are trying to say but their choice of visual is so off that I can not believe someone within their organization didn't try to stop this. Regardless of how you personally feel on this subject, I know their "intent" is / was to keep this procedure safe but their choice of "gift" appears to be glorifying this practice and making light of the procedure.

I think that this is an occasionally medically necessary procedure that has been elevated to the feminist's version of the Holy Grail. At its foundation, this is the destroying of another human life. Making this "choice" is a terrible burden on a woman and these sorts of "antics" make light of what SHOULD be a wrenching decision. A woman should not be approaching this decision with the same sort of flippant attitude that goes into selecting a lipstick color. Far too many of these procedures occur in this country. Fortunately, overall the yearly incidents are down but sorry, "fewer than last year" is just not good enough. The right answer is "only as many as was necessary and no more".

Some would say that I have no standing as am not a woman. If that is the case then there would be no standing for the ASPCA either. Having the right to do something does not make doing that thing right.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Video: Lay Down by Melanie (Safka)

Really great song and a fantastic voice!

Melanie does this version with the Edwin Hawkins Singers

But there is no such thing as voter fraud!

Pia Farrenkopf, shown in a high school photo, on Wednesday was found mummified inside her garage of her Pontiac, Mich., home. She’s believed to have died in 2008 — but voting records show she cast a ballot in 2010.

I wonder what the odds are that it was a straight "D" party line vote...


Stunning new details concerning the disastrous launch of Obamacare in Massachusetts — released by state health officials only after persistent inquiries by the Herald — reveal what experts say are even more alarming calamities in the early development of the failed website than previously reported.

The new findings come as the Connector is seeking to project an image of greater transparency and openness as it scrambles to enroll Bay Staters in health insurance. That made the unearthing of the report all the more troubling to Gonser.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Report: DC’s green-approved buildings using more energy

But, but, but WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! The world is DYING and you JUST DON'T CARE!

Who cares if it is the wrong thing, or the inefficient thing, or the too costly thing. It is all about a) being able to SAY you did SOMETHING and b) if you can stick it to those evil corporations in the process, you get bonus points.

The only reason the world can support a bunch of whinny, b*tchy, environmentally conscientious, (and let us not forget) power hungry, busybody nut jobs is because of the society that is made possible by capitalism and Democracy.

These busybodies "feel" that everyone should be working to save the planet, that everyone should be earning a "living wage" (whatever the hell that is), that everyone should have "affordable housing" or "affordable healthcare" and all sorts of other things that are described in these vague, malleable terms that give them the maneuvering room to never have to call their crusade "done".

In this case/example it is a bunch of green building initiatives that are directed at saving energy and reducing our "carbon footprint". Of course it increases the costs of construction and there are the extra permits and fees and assessments and evaluations and all sorts of other things that are not free. What does it matter that the results of all of this "effort" is a more expensive and less efficient building? At lest we care! We did SOMETHING! Our conscience is clear and we can sleep at night. What does it matter that the result is worst that if we had done nothing at all and everyone had continued with the status quo?

If the world could be powered by smug, there would be no energy worries.

Do you think there is much concern for the environment when you are worried about keeping your family from starving? Do you think there is much concern for what is dumped into the rivers when you don't even have electricity? If you have to spend all of your time and energy staying alive, you have no time for feel good, "do something, do anything" activities. These things are only possible because a certain critical mass of the population does not have to be involved in a daily life or death struggle. That this situation is the case is a good thing. that this situation is used by those that think they know better than everyone else and "believe" that they should be telling everyone else what to do is the shame of it all.

They are no more than flees on society's back and could they but be shaken off, we would all be the better for it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I just saw (yet another) news story on the NJ BridgeGate scandal. Oh the horrors! So, this is the most important story for the Saturday morning, national news to cover? What about Benghazi? We still have not found out who gave the stand-down order, even after all this time. We still don't know where the President was that night. We still don't know [officially] why a video was blamed for the attack even though documents (that were finally) released show that the administration KNEW that it was a terrorist attack and not a "spontaneous demonstration because of an offensive video" as they repeatedly said.

We still don't know a lot of things about this administration and what they are doing with: Obamacare, Fast n Furious, Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS scandal, etc., etc., etc. but all of the major news networks will leave no rock unturned to get to the bottom of a staffer of the NJ Governor (who has already been fired) working to get a little political payback against a local Mayor.