Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tiananmen Square

I was thinking on "true to power" the other day and how the modern left with their various causes fend at being "the little guy" going up against "the man". With their various "slut walks" and "OWS" type events, they get all puffed up. Look at us, look at how brave we are. Poppy cock! It is not brave to shout at groups or businesses or even politicians in America. You will not get dragged off to a small, dark cell.

The gentleman in the photo (on June 5, 1989) was brave. He was literally "speaking truth to power". He faced death, lifetime imprisonment, torture, only the Lord knows what, for following his conscience and standing in front of that tank (and tank column).

The other hero in this picture is the driver of that tank. He was very likely given orders to push on but he stopped. He took as big a risk or maybe bigger in not moving forward. As a military man, he likely disobeyed a direct order and may have been killed for that.

There are conflicting stories of the fate of the individuals involved, mostly the civilian. He is either free and in hiding, in prison, or executed. He is either known or not known. There appears to be no information on the solders in the tank.

I do wonder what really happened to these two heroes of that day, the citizen with his groceries and the solder in the tank. That sort of bravery deserves to be remembered.

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