Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Report: DC’s green-approved buildings using more energy

But, but, but WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! The world is DYING and you JUST DON'T CARE!

Who cares if it is the wrong thing, or the inefficient thing, or the too costly thing. It is all about a) being able to SAY you did SOMETHING and b) if you can stick it to those evil corporations in the process, you get bonus points.

The only reason the world can support a bunch of whinny, b*tchy, environmentally conscientious, (and let us not forget) power hungry, busybody nut jobs is because of the society that is made possible by capitalism and Democracy.

These busybodies "feel" that everyone should be working to save the planet, that everyone should be earning a "living wage" (whatever the hell that is), that everyone should have "affordable housing" or "affordable healthcare" and all sorts of other things that are described in these vague, malleable terms that give them the maneuvering room to never have to call their crusade "done".

In this case/example it is a bunch of green building initiatives that are directed at saving energy and reducing our "carbon footprint". Of course it increases the costs of construction and there are the extra permits and fees and assessments and evaluations and all sorts of other things that are not free. What does it matter that the results of all of this "effort" is a more expensive and less efficient building? At lest we care! We did SOMETHING! Our conscience is clear and we can sleep at night. What does it matter that the result is worst that if we had done nothing at all and everyone had continued with the status quo?

If the world could be powered by smug, there would be no energy worries.

Do you think there is much concern for the environment when you are worried about keeping your family from starving? Do you think there is much concern for what is dumped into the rivers when you don't even have electricity? If you have to spend all of your time and energy staying alive, you have no time for feel good, "do something, do anything" activities. These things are only possible because a certain critical mass of the population does not have to be involved in a daily life or death struggle. That this situation is the case is a good thing. that this situation is used by those that think they know better than everyone else and "believe" that they should be telling everyone else what to do is the shame of it all.

They are no more than flees on society's back and could they but be shaken off, we would all be the better for it.

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