Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Voter Fraud

In Minnesota’s 2008 disputed US Senate election, won by Al Franken — who proceeded to cast the deciding vote in favor of ObamaCare — the margin of victory was 312, but it turned out that 1,099 votes were cast by felons who were ineligible to vote. Many of them have gone to jail, but Franken has remained in the Senate.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Voter fraud in Minnesota

Comparing criminal records with voting rolls, the group identified 1,099 felons -- all ineligible to vote -- who had voted in the Franken-Coleman race.

243 people either convicted of voter fraud or awaiting trial in an election that was decided by 312 votes...

Don't tell me that voter fraud is inconsequential or is too small to matter or does not exist. It is PAST time for voter ID laws for all.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Exec Bullies Chick-fil-A Worker, Then Promptly Gets Fired For It

As a CFO, Mr. Smith should most definitely have known better than to berate an employee of a company he has issues with. What was he thinking? Well I hope he is satisfied with the results of his smug attitude and behavior.

Don't forget to watch the video. He can't seem to contain his glee while hoping that a near by group of collage(?) kids is planning to hold a sit in. Maybe now he has more time to attend sit ins himself...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pres. Obama, the gift that keeps on giving...

"Solyndra LLC officially released it bankruptcy plan this week. The official word from it is that taxpayers will recover only $24 million of the about $527 million that the failed solar panel company drew from its $535 million federal loan guarantee"

On top of that, the loan was structured so that private equity would have a higher standing during bankruptcy than the tax payers in direct violation of standard Energy Department policy. Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that one of them has close ties to the WH?

The Obama WH is setting a new standard in sleaze and back office deals. So much for all of that transparency we were promised...


Have they no shame?

Obama campaign sues to restrict military voting

The article hypes the military voting angle (which has some merit) but I think the bigger issue is the suits to get the law reversed on the control and verification angle. Specifically the ACLU is part of the suite due to the restrictions placed on poll workers, restrictions placed on vote counters and the stronger voter ID requirements. The ACLU suite opposes the law's limits on poll worker assistance to voters.

They oppose the restriction of "assistance" (i.e. helping a voter complete their ballot). Sorry but if you can not figure out how to complete the ballot maybe you should not be there. I want your vote to be your vote, not that of the poll worker who "helped" you complete it.

I also don't want vote counters trying to determine voter "intent". Sorry, if you could not take the time and care to only fill in one circle or punch (completely) one chad, your vote is invalid and should be set aside. I would like to see some statistics of how many "unclear" ballots wind up breaking Democrat.

Lastly, if you do not have a valid photo ID, no vote for you! It is that simple. You have to have valid ID to get cigarettes, buy beer, travel by plane, drive a car, cash a check, and about 100 other things. Most states offer free or reduced cost photo IDs for people that don't drive.

Any improper vote is one vote too many. In some cases, a few hundred votes in a swing state can make all the difference. Each vote is precious and should be protected. Too many good people died to make sure we could.