Friday, November 18, 2016

Life is hard, it is harder when you are stupid

A number of the "special snowflakes" from Washington State are beginning to realizing that actions have consequences. Consequences a number of them apparently did not fully think through.

Thanks to Washington voters, folks making minimum wage will soon be getting more money, but will some see that money evaporate as child care costs skyrocket?

Wait, what?

Parents that bring their children to Advent Lutheran Child Center here in Spokane Valley received quite the shock this week when they were told that the pay increase to the workers will be coming out of their pockets.

You mean the wage increase we approved will, like cost me, the consumer, money? How can that be? We thought that approving a mandatory minimum wage increase would mean that businesses (those evil rich folks) would be forced to pay their workers more. We never thought or meant that the money to pay for this would come from us!

Perry spoke with one parent who voted in favor of the initiative not realizing that it would affect child care.

Like really? The costs of the services I use will go up?

The increase is a direct result of the passing of Initiative 1433, increasing statewide minimum wage to $13.50 by 2020.

Ellis continued, "I understand that they need to capture their difference and make that money back, but then so does everybody else.”

Exactly! Maybe the light-bulb is starting to glow. If you artificially increase the costs of running a business by artificially inflating employee costs beyond the market rate (or that actual value of that labor) only one of two things can happen. Either some folks get fired (which has also been happening) to contain employee costs to within the allowable budget or the costs of services increases to account for the additional expenses. A number of businesses have had to shut their doors due to this increase as well as a number of low skill workers losing their jobs.

We reached out to several other daycares in the area, one says they haven't even addressed this yet and another said the tuition increase is inevitable.

Oh, and it is "cute" how some of the staff react.

"I feel the state needs to be helping a little more,” said Larson, “it would be nice if parents didn't have to spend a majority of their paychecks for childcare.”

Right! Other people that don't have children in childcare should be taxed even more to allow these parents to get some relief from reality. OUTSTANDING idea! You must be a Mensa member!

Sorry but you get zero sympathy from me. You voted for this. You got it approved. You now get to live with the consequences. Reality does not care one iota about your "feelz".

Thursday, November 17, 2016

And so it begins...

Trump transition team announces five-year lobbying ban for appointees

Appointees to President-elect Donald Trump's administration will be asked to sign a form barring them from being a registered lobbyist for five years after they leave government service, officials announced Wednesday -- following up on the D.C. outsider's pledge to "drain the swamp."

It is a start! Let us hope he keeps to it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

President Elect Trump, starting off on the right foot

You have GOT to love this!

As Trump Leaves Press Behind for Steak Dinner, Incoming Admin Already Showing Lack of Transparency


In a highly unusual move, President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday night left his Manhattan residence without notifying the reporters covering him or giving any indication of where he was going.

The maneuver seemed to deliberately limit access to the media.

So, the media that treated him first like a side-show and then when it looked like he actually had a chance, like a pariah, is distraught that he is not kissing their asses? Really? LOL!

With his Tuesday night actions, the Trump Administration is shaping up to be the least accessible to the public and the press in modern history.

It only feels that way to the press because they have been wearing blinders for the past 7 years. They have not cared what the Obama Administration has been doing. They have been too blinded by the halo they put on his head. They are singularly incurious when Democrats are involved.

A week after the election, Trump hasn't yet held a press conference, the longest any recent president has waited to speak to the press. That continues a weeks-long drought that's been going on since mid-summer, when Trump last answered questions from the press.

Funny, I don't recall this same level of angst when Hillary was not holding press conferences for dozens of weeks.

Trump has also refused to travel with the press corps since the election, a continuation of his campaign practice of flying in a separate plane from the media that covered him.

Again, good for him. He is not a Democrat President Elect. He won't get the fawning, fan-boy treatment so why should he subject himself to that? No sane person would.

The media covering the president-elect have also not yet been offered briefings on his transition efforts, which was a typical practice for past presidents that allowed the public to keep apprised of the details of the new government.

Again, why should he? So that the press can start attacking his every decision and highlight every mis-step (or just make them up when they can't find them)? The press has shown that he will not be treated fairly. Why should he go out of his way to help them?

The press have and are going out of their way to call this the "most divisive" election and a "contentious" election. The left is rioting in the streets. The left is beating up people. The left is burning down buildings and blocking traffic. THAT is what is making this divisive and contentious. Funny how when Obama won (twice!) despite how racist this country was reported to be, there were no riots, no burned down buildings, no blocked highways. You don't think that conservatives "felt bad" that the other guys won? The only difference then versus now is that then the media's (and left) guy won and now the media's (and left) gal lost. Trump is not the problem, Racism is not the problem. The left and the media are the problem.

Of cars and ditches...

As the world's greatest orator famously said: “After they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back,” Obama said of the GOP. “No! You can’t drive. We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch. We just got the car out.” Well no, no you didn't. You not only didn't get that car out of the ditch, Mr. President Three-putt. Out of spite [because as you also famously said "I won!"] you and your's slashed the tires, broke all the windows, shoved a crow-bar into the radiator and then set the entire thing on fire.

Not happy with that, you and yours then attempted to nuke the car from orbit by nominating Hillary for POTUS. Again, let that sink in. Hillary. The single largest example of a failed politician in the last 40 years. The only reason anyone knows her name is because she was married to a guy that got into politics and eventually became President. Granted, she had more experience than you when you ran but even you didn't have as poor a public record as she does. You even threw her a bone and let her be SOS [of which she was also lousy at] but she even managed to screw that up AND start a number of scandals in the process. But enough about her. She is and was just a symptom of a larger problem.

You had a phone and a pen (as you also said) and you along with your entire administration did not care at all for America (meaning the entire country). You only cared for your friends. For almost 8 years you have acted like spoiled children who had the house to themselves while mom and dad were away for the week-end. Just like spoiled children, you threw a party and trashed the place.

We are now saddled with a worse healthcare system than we had, much higher debt, more civil unrest, worse racial tensions, an economy on life-support, involvement in more wars, an increase in ISIS, a fed that prints money like it grows on trees, and a crushing increase in regulations. You needlessly threw good money at shaky alternate energy companies, screwed over the middle class, denigrated the police, and needlessly stuck your nose into local affairs (Beer summit anyone? If I had a kid, he would look like...).

The majority of the country has decided that adults need to be in charge for a while. These might not be the best adults but they are all we have. If one is honest, it has to be said that they could [COULD not WOULD] do worse. They would be hard pressed but it is not impossible. The Republicans have shown that they do have the capacity to play Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun but with a complete and total outsider in the driver's seat, odds are he will manage to keep them from pulling the trigger.

Well I guess this is goodbye. I believe that you wanted to be President more than you wanted to do President. You struck me as someone more infatuated with the though of being President than of someone that understood that it would be actual work and wanted to do it. Again, like a kid that LOVES the idea of having a pony but does not want the responsibility of actually taking care of one. Well you will soon not have that worry any more. I can only hope that you are so relieved to not have to pretend any longer that you go quietly into the lecture circuit and leave the new administration alone. In that sense, be a Bush and not a Carter. Go quietly into that good night. Avoid the temptation to play arm-chair quarterback with the new administration. You will have ample opportunities as the media will make you their "second guessing" go-to guy but don't. Show the new administration the same courtesy you were shown by the one you replaced. There will be plenty of people that will push you to do otherwise but resist them. Be a bigger man in retirement than you were as President. You really can afford to. The lecture circuit can be quite profitable, ask Bill.

Monday, November 14, 2016

At least one liberal gets it...

Trigger Warning: This video contains a LOT of truth and profanity...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

After glow...

Color me shocked! I really, honestly believed that Team Hillary had this thing stolen weeks ago. I did not dare hold out any hope that the most corrupt, dishonest, treacherous women to ever attempt to gain the Office of the President could be stopped.

America did it.

Let that sink in for a moment.

American did it. The country managed to stop the Clinton juggernaut from obtaining the brass ring.

This is a "very good thing". For many reasons, some of them and my thoughts are:

  1. Hillary has been denied the title of POTUS. Blow the horns, pop the Champlain, and throw a party! Sadly this may be the only "justice" she ever faces for the multitude of crimes she has committed, not the least of which was/is treason against this country with her criminal handling of classified information.
  2. The American press received a well deserved smack-down. They were SO wrong! I also hope that Donald Trump keeps them in their place. They played fast and loose with the truth and conspired to deceive the entire country about both the Obama administration and candidate Hillary. We will not forget and we will take a long time (if ever) to forgive. They need you a lot more than you need them Mr. Trump. Don't take any crap from them.
  3. The American press will suddenly rediscover the ability to perform some of their journalistic duties such as serve as a check on government power. Don't expect it to be anything close to fair or balanced but at least it won't be a slobbering, adolescent LOVE fest like we have had to suffer through for the last 7 years.
  4. The Republicans have kept control of Congress and now control the Executive. DON'T F*** IT UP! You got it despite NOT deserving it because Hillary was and is so awful. Support Trump and DO good with the majority you were given. There is MUCH to fix from the last 7 years. Get going.
  5. The political elites received a well deserved smack-down. Good. We the People still have a little muscle left and it was refreshing to see it flexed. Learn and remember, you folks all work for us the citizens, not the other way around. Do your jobs or you're fired! Mid-terms are right around the corner and don't forget, we are not happy right now. Satisfied maybe, happy NO. You stand in the way and you will be replaced and then you will have to get a real job.
  6. The SJW crybabies are having a melt-down. Good. As a group, you are squandering your birthright and country for your "feelz"instead of taking the time to learn what Burnie and your St. Hillary had actually done while in public service. If you knew what she actually was, you would have worked harder to have a viable candidate. Instead you had a tired old socialist and a tired old criminal. Nether was a good strategy. Instead of a worthy candidate, you wanted to "make a difference". Did not the last 7 years teach you anything about wanting to be part of something historic? Well you were. Happy now?
  7. Lastly, this is good because I actually believe that Trump cares for and loves this country and will do what he can to "make America great again". That he will try to "drain the swamp" and clean up DC. It sure as heck needs it.
Good luck President Elect Trump. We wish you the best and God bless.

Friday, November 4, 2016

An't that the truth!

The Democrat culture of corruption

You can expect more of the same under President Hillary.

Federal Election Commissioner Ann Ravel wished to step down until she met with President Barack Obama in early 2016, who persuaded her to stay on board through the November election in return for two favors, a senior federal government official has told The Daily Caller.

Obama told Ravel she could move back and do most of her work from California and that she would be supported in her effort to replace California Attorney General Kamala Harris as Attorney General if Harris were to win her Senate election.

“I believe it is improper for an FEC commissioner to be having a discussion and making deals with a sitting President, who is in essence the leader of the Democratic Party,” Hans von Spakovsky, a former FEC commissioner under President George W. Bush and currently a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told TheDC. “Given the fact that the FEC commissioner everyday is dealing with cases that directly and indirectly effect that same political party.”

Von Spakosky added, “In my time as a commissioner I never had a single meeting with the president in the White House, and I would consider it wrong to do so because of the fact we handle so many matters involving his political party.”

Less than a month after her meeting with President Obama, Ravel voted to dismiss an enforcement action against Obama and the Democratic National Committee for allegedly taking foreign money at a fundraiser.

Nothing new here. You may remember that President Obama's donation web site was inadvertently "broken" in that it illegally allowed foreign donations to be accepted (they disabled some address verification code/checks). I don't recall ever hearing that they got in trouble for that crime nor do I recall hearing that they gave back the illegally obtained money. Funny that, eh?

If you want any sort of accountability from your government, your only choice is to vote for Trump. Sad but true. The press will NOT go against Hillary. The Democrats in the Federal Government will NOT go against Hillary (think DOJ, FEC, IRS, etc.). The Democrats in Congress will NOT go against Hillary. The Republicans in Congress are weak sauce as well. If however, Trump becomes President, they all will be falling all over themselves to hold him accountable. That is reality.

Trump is the absolute worst Presidential candidate we have had in decades, except for Hillary. It is sad that we have come to this place where the best reason to vote for Trump is that he is not Hillary. Hillary is so completely awful that just about anyone else you could pick would be better. It is a sad commentary on this country and on its citizens and media that she has a very real (one could say likely) chance to become President. She should not only not be running but should actually be in jail. I can not even imagine what is going through the minds of those that support her. Do they not care about justice? Do they just not believe their lying eyes? Is it just too important to elect a woman that any woman will do, even Hillary? Do they believe that it is her turn and she has earned it? What? She and her husband have been slopping out of the public trough for 30ish years and have made themselves multi-millionaires. They have also managed to soil the office of the Presidency, bring shame upon the country, sell out her interests, and reveal her secrets out of both stupidity and for profit. What sort of insanity has gripped this country that she could even run? Unbelievable, just unbelievable.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Project Veritas released yet another video

Yet more of the DNC's "true face". Democrat politicians and their donors say what they "really" think about minorities..

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dem hypocrisy on Comey...

How things change in just a week...

So last week when Comey let Hillary off the hook for being criminally careless (at a minimum) with classified information, Comey was FANTASTIC! This week because an additional 600K plus emails were uncovered (some could be duplicates of what they already have) and as a result Comey is reopening/continuing the investigation, he is a pariah.

If liberals/Democrats didn't have double-standards, they would have no standards at all.

For an extra good laugh, watch this video clip of Carville (Democrat hatchet-man) literally loose it all over this latest turn of events.

Sorry but this is down right hysterical, to watch him loose it like this. He has gone full blown nutter. Could not happen to a nicer guy. He has been carrying water (slime) for the Clintons for years and years. He has been involved in so many dirty tricks and con-jobs for the Democrats and Clintons. He has gone on TV and defended the undefinable. He then continued to cover for them when he got his news gig. This is at least a small measure of justice to watch him melt down.