Friday, November 18, 2016

Life is hard, it is harder when you are stupid

A number of the "special snowflakes" from Washington State are beginning to realizing that actions have consequences. Consequences a number of them apparently did not fully think through.

Thanks to Washington voters, folks making minimum wage will soon be getting more money, but will some see that money evaporate as child care costs skyrocket?

Wait, what?

Parents that bring their children to Advent Lutheran Child Center here in Spokane Valley received quite the shock this week when they were told that the pay increase to the workers will be coming out of their pockets.

You mean the wage increase we approved will, like cost me, the consumer, money? How can that be? We thought that approving a mandatory minimum wage increase would mean that businesses (those evil rich folks) would be forced to pay their workers more. We never thought or meant that the money to pay for this would come from us!

Perry spoke with one parent who voted in favor of the initiative not realizing that it would affect child care.

Like really? The costs of the services I use will go up?

The increase is a direct result of the passing of Initiative 1433, increasing statewide minimum wage to $13.50 by 2020.

Ellis continued, "I understand that they need to capture their difference and make that money back, but then so does everybody else.”

Exactly! Maybe the light-bulb is starting to glow. If you artificially increase the costs of running a business by artificially inflating employee costs beyond the market rate (or that actual value of that labor) only one of two things can happen. Either some folks get fired (which has also been happening) to contain employee costs to within the allowable budget or the costs of services increases to account for the additional expenses. A number of businesses have had to shut their doors due to this increase as well as a number of low skill workers losing their jobs.

We reached out to several other daycares in the area, one says they haven't even addressed this yet and another said the tuition increase is inevitable.

Oh, and it is "cute" how some of the staff react.

"I feel the state needs to be helping a little more,” said Larson, “it would be nice if parents didn't have to spend a majority of their paychecks for childcare.”

Right! Other people that don't have children in childcare should be taxed even more to allow these parents to get some relief from reality. OUTSTANDING idea! You must be a Mensa member!

Sorry but you get zero sympathy from me. You voted for this. You got it approved. You now get to live with the consequences. Reality does not care one iota about your "feelz".

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