Friday, June 29, 2007

Well now, this is cool

Picture of the International Space Station and shuttle taken by high school astronomers.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Senate Blocks Immigration Bill

Update (6/29/07): Let us NOT forget who voted for this trash! This includes both Martinez (R) and Nelson (D) of Florida! Remember this when it is voting time at home!

Amnesty is dead for now? One can only hope.

Again, this was a poorly written bill that did nothing to actually fix the problem of countless numbers of illegal aliens coming into and staying in America.

Free speech update


Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin got his long overdue comeuppance in the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. The court ruled the senator is not above criticism before an election, no matter what law Feingold may author.

And three justices even reminded him that Wisconsin is not Morocco. . . . A key provision of this "reform" is a restriction on political ads just before an election.

Oh, not on the ads of the politicians. Senators can run all the TV ads their fat-cat supporters are willing to buy.

No, the politicians restricted what ads the citizenry may run on TV before an election.

This "campaign reform" is like a drunk "curing" his alcoholism by telling his wife she cannot imbibe.

I hope that there's a lot of publicity in this vein, as I fear we're about to see another bipartisan effort by the inhabitants of Incumbistan to shut down criticism.

Glenn Reynolds is so right. This needs to get a lot of publicity (but sadly, most likely will not). This is just more of the "do as I say and not as I do" mentality that is so prevalent in DC today.

Orlando Centennial sure has their priorities in order...

Update (6/29/07): The Centennial ran yet another front page, above the fold story on Disney today. This one to talk about how the 4 teens that were "banned for life" from Disney really are not anymore. They did run a post immigration bill story that was actually on the front page too but this ran below the fold and was a column wide. Great priorities! A week old Disney story still front and center and the defeat of a poorly conceived and written bill gets below the fold mention.

I noticed the front page of the Orlando Centennial today and they were running yet another story on Disney and the Disney crack down on disruptive behavior. This headline was concerning if the new crackdown unfairly targeted black teens. This is the second or third front page article I have seen this week on this topic. I wish the paper had put this much effort into fairly covering the immigration bill working its way through congress as they have to this story. That would have been an important use of the paper, doing in-depth analysis of BOTH the pros and cons of this legislation that though is a national bill, will have local ramifications for generations to come. But no, that would be asking too much of the MSM. They would rather show flattering pictures of poor “undocumented” workers marching to protect “their” rights instead of highlighting the facts around illegal immigration and the costs both to our society and economy.

Yet another reason I prefer the web for any real news on important stories.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sad, just sad (via Instapundit)


"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may be using an 'unprecedented combination of legislative procedures' to push through the controversial Kennedy Immigration Bill - today!"

He couldn't do that if the Republican leadership was determined to stop him. But it's not.

He is so right. The republican leadership has let down their base yet again. Just how long do they think they can do this and not face any consequences? Most likely up until the next election.

Immigration bill news here

It looks like the closure vote passed. I can not figure out what congress is thinking on this one. It is a bad bill done poorly. It is NOT good for America or Americans. It is too light on screening and enforcement and makes a mockery of existing laws and safeguards. There is nothing in this bill to "solve" our immigration ills and does nothing to prevent us from having to go through this all again in another dozen years. This is already a repeat of the late 80s.

iPhone service plan details

The phone looks cool but I have heard that the hype exceeds what is delivered. I hope that is wrong. It looks to have a lot of nice functionality, integrated well. Is it a full featured PDA though? I have a Palm phone now and was considering a MS Mobile 5 as an upgrade. Is the iPhone good enough to stand in for Mobile 5?

Monday, June 25, 2007

A wooden mirror

This is very interesting. It would be even more so to see if this could be done with smaller, multi-faced wooden tiles where the extra faces are progressively darker. This would improve both the density and registration of the resulting image. In affect improving both the fineness of the image and the number of gray (or brown) shades in the resulting image.

The PC drum beats on

What is permissible for thee but not for me.

Enough already...

I do not understand what Kennedy and Pres. Bush are thinking here. A majority of the public want our current immigration laws enforced. We want our borders protected and we want the pandering to illegal aliens to stop and THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!

Have you called congress to tell them enough? I have.

Iran, just move along, nothing to see here...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

This rates a double HEH, even after all this time.

Well, don't that beat all!

I am shocked, shocked I tell you to learn that this sort of thing goes on, in this country!

Watch the entire video and remember it the next time you hear about the shortage of qualified US workers.

Guantánamo, the worst place on earth

Well, except for some other places.

The Center for Constitutional Rights in New York identified one of the Tunisians as detainee Abdullah bin Omar, 51, and said his return "put him at grave risk for torture and abuse." . . .

Human Rights Watch also raised concerns.

"Most of the detainees desperately want to go home. But there are a small number who are at such grave risk of torture that they would rather stay in Guantánamo," said Jennifer Daskal, advocacy director in Washington. . . .

She urged the Pentagon to establish a ``transparent process for this small set of detainees to raise fears of torture and have their claims evaluated, before the U.S. government sends people back to a fate worse than Guantánamo.''

I thought Guantánamo was the worst place on earth anyone could possibly be sent to and that the U.S. was cruel and inhuman for keeping these poor, poor enemy combatants people there against their will? So, as they are processed and determined to not be a threat or are no longer a threat, they are returned to their countries of origin. Now the government is evil to keep them and evil to return them. I guess these human rights groups will not be satisfied until all of the detainees are given beach side condos in Miami for the trials and tribulations that they have been put through. We should just ignore the fact that these "detainees" are being detained in the first place because they were CAPTURED either actively attacking US forces or were actively supporting those who were attacking US forces and that they have been given far more rights than is required by the Geneva convention and that the Geneva convention does NOT even apply to them because they are not an "enemy state" but are in fact terrorists that honor no rules of war. But let us not let that get in the way of our feelings for these poor peoples.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seen on a man's tee-shirt in Orlando

If a man says something
and a woman isn't there,
is he still wrong?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Air lighter than lead and other obvious news...

It took the BBC a year long investigation to discover what the average person could have uncovered in just 4 hours of random viewing. I don't know which is the more curious, that they took a year to complete their report or that they actually did find bias? Media organizations are notorious for having a self blind-spot.

Sauce For the Gander

Makes a lot of sense to me too.

Would not hurt for all "celebrity greens" to follow this too. If it is good enough for the masses, it should be good enough for them (how about it Al?).

Friday, June 15, 2007

Post travel thoughts

I was traveling on business last week and as will happen on trips with lots of airline time, I ran out of things to read. You can only look through the SkyMall magazine so many times. A prior passenger had left a Harpers magazine in the seatback next to mine and so I flipped through it to help pass the time.

I stopped in the letters section and came across what is becoming a common reader comment in many newspapers and magazines. The gist of the comment was that people need to stop paying attention to the main stream media because they are all just parroting the administration on every issue. Let that digest for a bit. This person and he (or she) is by no means alone, thinks that the media in this country is bought and paid for by the Bush Whitehouse.

It takes a special kind of person to hold such a thought. That ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AP, etc. all get their economic, civic and war reporting notes straight from Washington. The sort of person that can watch the nightly news or read a newspaper and make that sort of statement with earnest should not be allowed to operate motor vehicles. To be able to sit through endless “America is loosing the war” stories, the media reporting of the Plame debacle and all of the “Al Gore says the world is ending” stories and claim that the main media outlets are getting their talking points and stories straight from G. W. Bush is to admit to a level of self delusion that precludes one from operating anything mechanical.

If you happen to come across one of these folks and take the time to actually engage them in debate on this subject by asking for proof of this grand conspiracy, you will usually be told “Well look at FOX, everyone knows they are just reporting what the government wants them to.” I have heard this rebuttal often but have yet to receive more than that general comment. No proof of bias can be found but lets’ not let that stand in the way of our “feelings”. This is usually my cue that this person is a lost cause. To view FOX news, which has the most balanced reporting and highest track record for standards and integrity, as bias shows just how lost the commenter truly is. They have been listening to liberal bias for so long that “fair and balanced” now sounds like right-wing propaganda. You will not be able to have any sort of meaningful debate or discussion. You should just save your breath and move on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Powdered Alcohol

You may have already seen this, powdered alcohol. What will they think of next? I remember seeing the "solid" alcohol in the last Alien movie, the commander puts a solid cube in a class and places it under a dispenser, a "beam" hits it and turns it back into a liquid. This is in that ballpark.

Of course, since it is not a liquid, it appears that kids can order it over the Internet and it is not illegal. Go figure, once more technology has out-paced the law.

You can read more here and here. Am a little surprised I did not see a link from Slashdot.

John Stossel, telling it like it is

I wish more people understood economics better, especially reporters. It might just stop them from asking so many stupid questions and help them better question stupid statements and laws that affect the economy.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Something else you might not see on the nightly news

Female pershmerga, the Kurdish security force, show off some moves during a hand-over ceremony from US forces to the Kurdish regional government in the northern city of Arbil. Reponsibility for security in Iraq's three northern provinces -- Sulaimaniyah, Arbil and Dohuk -- was given to the Kurdish regional government today.(AFP/Ahmad al-Rubaye)