Friday, June 22, 2007

Guantánamo, the worst place on earth

Well, except for some other places.

The Center for Constitutional Rights in New York identified one of the Tunisians as detainee Abdullah bin Omar, 51, and said his return "put him at grave risk for torture and abuse." . . .

Human Rights Watch also raised concerns.

"Most of the detainees desperately want to go home. But there are a small number who are at such grave risk of torture that they would rather stay in Guantánamo," said Jennifer Daskal, advocacy director in Washington. . . .

She urged the Pentagon to establish a ``transparent process for this small set of detainees to raise fears of torture and have their claims evaluated, before the U.S. government sends people back to a fate worse than Guantánamo.''

I thought Guantánamo was the worst place on earth anyone could possibly be sent to and that the U.S. was cruel and inhuman for keeping these poor, poor enemy combatants people there against their will? So, as they are processed and determined to not be a threat or are no longer a threat, they are returned to their countries of origin. Now the government is evil to keep them and evil to return them. I guess these human rights groups will not be satisfied until all of the detainees are given beach side condos in Miami for the trials and tribulations that they have been put through. We should just ignore the fact that these "detainees" are being detained in the first place because they were CAPTURED either actively attacking US forces or were actively supporting those who were attacking US forces and that they have been given far more rights than is required by the Geneva convention and that the Geneva convention does NOT even apply to them because they are not an "enemy state" but are in fact terrorists that honor no rules of war. But let us not let that get in the way of our feelings for these poor peoples.

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