Thursday, June 28, 2007

Orlando Centennial sure has their priorities in order...

Update (6/29/07): The Centennial ran yet another front page, above the fold story on Disney today. This one to talk about how the 4 teens that were "banned for life" from Disney really are not anymore. They did run a post immigration bill story that was actually on the front page too but this ran below the fold and was a column wide. Great priorities! A week old Disney story still front and center and the defeat of a poorly conceived and written bill gets below the fold mention.

I noticed the front page of the Orlando Centennial today and they were running yet another story on Disney and the Disney crack down on disruptive behavior. This headline was concerning if the new crackdown unfairly targeted black teens. This is the second or third front page article I have seen this week on this topic. I wish the paper had put this much effort into fairly covering the immigration bill working its way through congress as they have to this story. That would have been an important use of the paper, doing in-depth analysis of BOTH the pros and cons of this legislation that though is a national bill, will have local ramifications for generations to come. But no, that would be asking too much of the MSM. They would rather show flattering pictures of poor “undocumented” workers marching to protect “their” rights instead of highlighting the facts around illegal immigration and the costs both to our society and economy.

Yet another reason I prefer the web for any real news on important stories.

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