Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dem hypocrisy on Comey...

How things change in just a week...

So last week when Comey let Hillary off the hook for being criminally careless (at a minimum) with classified information, Comey was FANTASTIC! This week because an additional 600K plus emails were uncovered (some could be duplicates of what they already have) and as a result Comey is reopening/continuing the investigation, he is a pariah.

If liberals/Democrats didn't have double-standards, they would have no standards at all.

For an extra good laugh, watch this video clip of Carville (Democrat hatchet-man) literally loose it all over this latest turn of events.

Sorry but this is down right hysterical, to watch him loose it like this. He has gone full blown nutter. Could not happen to a nicer guy. He has been carrying water (slime) for the Clintons for years and years. He has been involved in so many dirty tricks and con-jobs for the Democrats and Clintons. He has gone on TV and defended the undefinable. He then continued to cover for them when he got his news gig. This is at least a small measure of justice to watch him melt down.

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