Wednesday, March 19, 2014

File Under the "what the hell were they thinking" Department

Abortion nonprofit rewards donors with horrific ‘token of thanks’...

Talk about mistaken "optics", this is just plain twisted. For now, the original web page is still up at this link so that you can see that this is real. I think I understand what they are trying to say but their choice of visual is so off that I can not believe someone within their organization didn't try to stop this. Regardless of how you personally feel on this subject, I know their "intent" is / was to keep this procedure safe but their choice of "gift" appears to be glorifying this practice and making light of the procedure.

I think that this is an occasionally medically necessary procedure that has been elevated to the feminist's version of the Holy Grail. At its foundation, this is the destroying of another human life. Making this "choice" is a terrible burden on a woman and these sorts of "antics" make light of what SHOULD be a wrenching decision. A woman should not be approaching this decision with the same sort of flippant attitude that goes into selecting a lipstick color. Far too many of these procedures occur in this country. Fortunately, overall the yearly incidents are down but sorry, "fewer than last year" is just not good enough. The right answer is "only as many as was necessary and no more".

Some would say that I have no standing as am not a woman. If that is the case then there would be no standing for the ASPCA either. Having the right to do something does not make doing that thing right.

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