Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Google, whatever happened to "Don't be evil"?

Today Google chooses to honor the marine biologist and “Silent Spring” author Rachel Carson. What happened to Google's motto of "don't be evil"? Because of Rachel Carson's radical environmentalism, millions of children have died from malaria and other mosquito born illnesses.

Her book was based on shoddy science and was more a story than documentation but as a story, it succeeded. It helped end the availability of the best weapon against the mosquito, DDT. There was and is scant real evidence that DDT was the cause of any of the issues described in her book. Its banning was an over-reaction to faulty science and and an interesting story that resulted in millions of people paying for her prose with their lives.

While critics of Silent Spring have tended to focus on the one-sidedness of Rachel Carson’s case or on those of her claims that have not held up over time, the fraudulence of Silent Spring goes beyond mere cherry-picking or discredited data: Carson abused, twisted, and distorted many of the studies that she cited, in a brazen act of scientific dishonesty. So the real tragic irony of the millions of deaths to malaria in the past several decades is that the three central anti-DDT claims made by Carson and other activists are all false.

For Google to honer her in this way is a travesty.

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