Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How many "strawmen" can Obama pack into one speech?

It sure looks like he was going for a personal best with this speech at West Point.

Not sure exactly who he was posturing against but he sure lined up the straw men for himself to knock down.

  • He argues that America has never been stronger "relative to the other countries" in the world and "those that speak of America's decline are wrong". Sorry but those two are not mutually exclusive. America can be stronger then ever "compared to all other current countries" as well as have much less standing in the world than in the past. The country is in decline. Deficits are larger than ever. Regulations are more oppressive. Opportunities are less. The President has managed to upset nearly all of our allies and has shown himself to be soft to all of America's enemies.
  • He also continues with (what everyone perceives as) an empty threat against Iran and its nuclear program. That ship has sailed. Iran knows full well that the President has no will to do anything and is simply posturing so that when Israel does have to do something, he has cover.

Obama has zero credit internationally. Kerry has zero credit internationally. Hillary has zero credit internationally. For that matter you could say the same for all three nationally.

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