Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming soon to a National Healthcare plan near you!

The most shocking thing was not the lying. Nor even the incompetence. It was our total lack of surprise at the turn of events, since after 15 years suffering from the failings of the National Health Service we are prepared for almost any ineptitude.

The simple truth is that the larger the bureaucracy, the less responsive it is to individual customers and their unique circumstances. Don't forget the government can't run what they have now in an efficient and productive manner and you want to give them your health care too?

The more centralized, the more standardized. If you do not fit into the standard form, forget you. Regardless of if your specific needs are way outside the box or just a hair. If the policy says for issue A, do B, too bad for you if B does not work. Bureaucrats are not generally knows for their free thinking ways and flexibility.

Just remember, you wanted change. Well had your fill yet?

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