Monday, August 17, 2009

Man with gun in a Sonny’s Barbecue

How sensible!

A man — late 40s, big, with a wife and a daughter — came in with an empty holster on his belt. As he sat down at the booth next to mine, the manager came by and asked him if he’d left his gun in the car. Yes, said the man, who had a permit but thought he wasn’t allowed to carry in restaurants in Tennessee.. Well, they’ve changed the law, said the manager, and if you want to go get it that’s fine with us. It’s legal now, and I’m happy to have you carrying — if somebody tries to rob me, it’s two against one.

And everyone was able to complete their meals in peace! The "gun toting" diner did not go "postal" and start shooting up the place. No one was injured or threatened and the evening proceeded without incident. No story at 11, cause well nothing happened!

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