Monday, May 2, 2016

More of the tolerant left [we keep hearing about], this time going after a Trump supporter

Here is some raw footage of a Trump supporter trying to get to a Trump rally.

This is the left's idea of a peaceful protest against those that have differing opinion. This is how they allow democracy to play out in society. This is what we can expect more and more of as they are rewarded for this type of behavior by not being punished for it. Notice how the police do not help the man until after he makes it all the way through the crowd. After having been pushed, hit, tripped, etc. Instead of pushing back the crowd and helping him, they make him climb over a hedge.

More of the tolerant left we keep hearing so much about.

Do they ever show any of this on the nightly news? I am not a "Trump" man but these sorts of actions could turn me into one...

UPDATE: More can be read/seen here.

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