Friday, October 6, 2006

Boo Friggen Hoo

Now more than any other time in American history, maybe even in world history, a person is able to make of this life, what they wish. Hard work and effort will overcome much. Multitudes flock to this country from all parts of the world, even today, to take part in the opportunities that America makes available. That is key. America does not give you anything but the opportunity to fail or succeed. As just some random person, you are more in control of your future, here, now, in America then anywhere else in the world.

This being the case, why is it that so many continue to live and view their lives as though they were living in the 1950/1960? As an example, I submit the following:

In what amounts to a chromosomal crapshoot, I hit the jackpot. My award is beyond invaluable, because it amounts to societal immunity, failsafe and bulletproof, also serving as my key to success in virtually any endeavor I undertake. In fact, I should have rephrased that. I didn't hit the jackpot, I am the jackpot. I live pricelessly every day.

You see, following my conception, my identity anxiously bade the gestation period, awaiting the answer to the question posed when a white parent and a brown parent have a child together. While at one extreme, I could face prejudice, suffer discrimination, hate crimes, endure unwarranted fears and, in sum, take an insecure, uncomfortable place in society, there was also the chance of being wholly accepted, unconditionally trusted, overestimated, essentially enjoying a ridiculously smooth ride through life. I emerged into life red with dark, dark hair, evidence that I was indeed my father's son, but in less than a year my native colors washed away into a rosy cherubic theme.

Schools at all levels go out of their way to push and promote diversity awareness and affirmative action. There are EEO rules, regulations, and laws aplenty for business and government conduct in hiring, promotions and firings. Studies galore show constant reductions in racial stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. So why are so many still crying about a condition that is mostly cured?

I am white and have grown up in mostly white neighborhoods. My family would have been considered lower middle-class. I had some black friends growing up and they were usually better off than my family. Both of my parents worked. I graduated high-school but could not afford to go to collage so I joined the military instead and got training in computers. I worked at improving my career and life. I took advantage of opportunities and made some of my own. I am in my early forties, have worked for my self and for others. I am now at the management level and make a good living. I am still working on my collage degree. I hope to complete it within the next 3 or 4 years. I do not believe that anyone “held me down” but no one handed me anything either. Life is what you make it. If you are not happy with your lot in life, why not try working at improving it and quit your crying already? I would give odds that any random person in China, India, Korea (north or south), Africa, or the Middle East would trade places with you in a flash. So do us all a favor and just grow up.

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