Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Galactic "ray gun" blasts neighbor

Interesting and fascinating. The "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" had a line in it about the universe being so large and so vast that anything you could create, existed as a creature somewhere. This sort of thing can lead one to almost believe that. The exhaust jet from a galactic black hole striking another near galaxy.

One of the possible results of such a thing, as mentioned in the article, is the destruction of the ozone layer that protects life from space radiation. The Earth's ozone hole was at one time a "very big deal" and many people spent a lot of time fretting over it. I often wondered that since we know how to produce ozone and it can in fact be a pollutant when close to the surface of the Earth, could we not come up with a way to produce ozone in the upper atmosphere where it is useful? Using high altitude balloons or high altitude electronic planes? The generators could be either nuclear or solar powered and generate ozone as needed based on analysis of ozone quantities in the vicinity of the generator. Just a thought.

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