Monday, December 17, 2007

Stand firm Joe!

Three things.

First, is "management reserves the right to refuse service" no longer allowed?

Second, as he paraphrases: To be an American, you have to be American and nothing else. For if you say you’re something else, then you’re not a true American. I have always felt as he does, that you are American or not. You can be an American of Italian descent or Mexican descent or what ever but you are or at least should want to be "an American".

Third, what does the city truly want him to do? Attempt to serve everyone in what ever language they speak? When I travel abroad, I appreciate when people I speak with in other countries can speak English but I don't expect them to be able to and if they do not, it is my loss. I happened to get lucky and be born in America and grew up speaking English. If I were to move to central America, I would surely learn Spanish before going there so as to be able to make my way. I would not "expect" everyone I encountered to be able to speak English. I wonder how many government forms are available in "English" in Germany, France, Columbia or Mexico or are all of their government forms in their respective native languages?

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