Wednesday, December 19, 2007

John Stossel and Ron Paul on war

I was looking for reasons to like Ron but his answers to John related to Muslim fanaticism and no concerns if Islamic fanatics get the bomb are disturbing. This argument if false. Russia knew that there was a high likelihood that if they bombed us, we would bomb them. That if a nuclear device was detonated in a U.S. city, we would "know" it was from Russia "with love" and would retaliate. If fanatics get the bomb, against whom do you retaliate? These are people that see strapping on a bomb vest and blowing up a crowd of women and children as something to celebrate. What does Ron think will stop them from putting a bomb in a freight container and setting it off in New York harbor? Talk? With this as his outlook, I don't think the country can afford Ron Paul.

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