Thursday, May 15, 2008

Medical Organ Adoption Solution

This is unbelievable! To adopt a child for the sole purpose of harvesting their organs is unbelievable. So, consenting adults can't legally sell their own organs but it is perfectly legal to adopt and then steal the organs of a child?

We are a domestic and international adoption agency where parents are free to adopt a child who is a perfect match (up to 18 yrs) for the transplant of one or -more “non-essential” organs to be donated to one of the adopting parents or your own children. Your new son or daughter would give you their heart, if it was possible, but a lung, eye or three feet of intestine might be enough to prove that love.

They also have a very nice price chart that allows you to pick the organ(s) you need and the age of the donor, to meet any budget. They can even assist with an adoption loan. Just a full service site, they are.

Sorry but this is just sick...

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