Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MythBusters: Electric vs. Gas Go-Karts

Very interesting but as some of the posters noted, I can re-fill my go-kart gas tank in under a minute and be back on the track racing whereas I need hours to fully charge my electric model.

I fly electric RC helicopters that utilize LiPo batteries and always have at least 2 sets so one can charge while the other is in use. That is currently expensive enough when talking 18v but would be prohibitive when talking 110v and high amps.

Electric will still only be marginally better than gas until we can get more nuclear power plants constructed. When we covert the grid over to non-fossil fuels then swapping EVs in place of ICEs make sense. Until then, even with the economy of scale, you are producing a lot of "residue" for each kilowatt.

I would rather just have one of these in my basement...

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