Friday, May 2, 2008

Gutter politics

I am not a huge fan of McCain and he is not my first (or second) choice for president but this sort of hit-man politics that we are seeing from democrats (and have seen in the past, in other elections) is the sort of antics that will drive more and more "reasonable" people into the McCain camp. This sort of thing will only back fire on the democrats and show them to be nothing but petty, mean-spirited, power at any cost, children. I expect that the "community based reality" is pulling all sorts of muscles patting them selves on the back over this stunt not realizing how the rest of us see them and this sort of gutter attack. It does not improve the situation at all that the folks behind this "stunt" have ties to other politicians. Do I think this was "authorized" by any of the other current or former candidates? No, but this goes to the quality of the people you associate with and the types of conduct you condone or inspire.

What is actually funny about this sort of thing is that if and when there is any MSM notice and the subsequent public backlash, the democrats will simply exclaim (with a straight face no less) that this is just their "swift boating" of McCain "just like the republicans did to Edwards" completely missing the point that what the SBVFT did "to" Edwards was simply tell the truth that the MSM did not bother to look for. As with the Plame incident, this was an attempt to "set the record straight" as opposed to making up a story. That is what makes this so funny, that democrats caught in a lie "mis-speak" if the MSM even bothers to take notice of the lies. When a conservative group dares to stand up and say "you are wrong, here is what really happened" they are accused of attack ads and of being part of the "vast right wing conspiracy". This blatant double standard has never made sense to me nor I believe to anyone in the real world but unfortunately for those of us that do still live here, a large majority of the political class, education establishment and MSM all have permanent addresses in the "community based reality" and it looks like they are having a housing boom.

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