Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh the suffering from this collapsing economy!

The last thing Marti Tracy wants to do on a Saturday is clip coupons. But last month the 34-year-old Bowie resident felt she no longer had a choice. She'd already given up organic meat and decided to buy organic milk only for her 2-year-old son, not for the whole family.

Tracy and her partner also stopped buying the cereals they like in favor of whatever was on sale; stopped picking up convenient single-size packs of juice, water or crackers; and, in order to save gas, stopped going to multiple stores. "I find the whole thing a huge hassle, but I've reached a tipping point," said Tracy, a government human resources specialist who is pregnant with her second child. "Clearly, I'm not unable to feed my family. But I just can't feed my family the way I'd like to feed them."

If things are so hard on Marti and her partner, why is she pregnant with her second child? You have the children you can afford not the children you want, if you love them and want the best for them. Here is a person that is stating that she sees the writing on the wall and that her finances are getting squeezed. So what does she do? Why have another child of course!

Also I would love to add up the money she has wasted over the years by buying "convenient single-size packs of juice, water and crackers". Had she been buying in bulk she would have been both saving the environment and money.

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