Monday, June 27, 2016

Splendiferous Joe Biden

According to the morning news, we should all be so fantastically grateful to the splendiferous [slow] Joe Biden! According to the teaser, we should most definitely, absolutely tune in tonight to learn of all the wondrous things [slow] Joe has done in the short time that "solving" cancer has been his life's calling! Since President Three-putt put Joe on the case, magnificent things have happened "all because of Joe"!

Who would that thought that not a thing of significance has been happening for the last 3 or 4 decades in the field of cancer research. It took [slow] Joe to be assigned to the case to "make things happen".

I just may need to tune in cause I did not know that Joe had a degree in biology or in medical research or cancer research or clinical research or experience running drug trials or worked in the medical chemical area or made strides in designer drugs. I mean he is just THE BEST EVER! Thank the Good Lord he was put on the case!

OK, that was somewhat fun. The reality of course is much simpler. [slow] Joe is following in the foot steps of President Three-putt and leading from FAR behind. There is no lack of attention, efforts, money, and great minds working on various aspects of cancer research. Much effort is spent on finding better treatments and on actual cures. The only thing Joe adds to this is "hot air".

Me thinks [hopes?] that Hillary! will need to drop out before the election and the Democrats plan to slide [slow and gropy] Joe in on the 11th hour hoping to throw Donald off of his messaging and game and allow the Democrats to continue their destruction of the country. This is just another case of the media helping their political friends and work to keep some Democrat in the news in a positive way. Goodness knows there are no end of Democrats in the news lately for negative reasons.

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