Saturday, June 18, 2016

Clinton and classified emails

Hillary has assured us time and time again that she did nothing wrong when she setup a private, insecure, off-the secure network, stand-alone email server for the use of her and her staff while she was Secretary of State.

She has assured us:
  1. Other Secretary's of State have done this - lie
  2. That this was not against State Department rules - lie
  3. That the FBI is only doing a "security check / audit" and not a criminal investigation - lie
  4. That at no time EVER did any classified or secret information pass through her server - LIE
In fact in yet ANOTHER example of how classified information traveled through her private, insecure server is this story run by Fox News (a good summary of the story can be found here).

The "funny" part of this is what the "Hillary fanboys" are saying about this additional revelation.
  • It is being claimed that this email should have never been classified in the first place as it just has to do with scheduling an appointment.
    • Sorry but that has NOTHING to do with it. The Secretary of State does not have unilateral power to declassify something that has been classified. She can not "just decide" that some information is "not that important".
  • They are also saying that if you read the email, nothing in it looks like any kind of secret so again, no bit deal.
    • Wrong AGAIN! Look that the email at the Fox link. Much of it at the bottom (the actual start of the email thread) has been redacted before being released by the Government. If that information was no big deal, it would not have been blanked out.
Hillary setup her own email server so as to allow her the freedom to conduct "business" (notice I did not say Government business) without the worry of FOIA requests or Government information audits. Also, don't forget, when asked for all of her private email server information, she had her lawyers review all of the email information and that which THEY deemed appropriate, was handed over to the Government IN PRINT. They did not even turn over the scrubbed information in electronic format. That would be yet another law she broke by allowing her lawyers (who had not been cleared to see secure Government information) access to that information for the purposes of "scrubbing" it.


The Times does note that “22 (of the emails) have now been classified by the State Department as “top secret,” 65 are classified as “secret”...

...on June 8, security experts told the Associated Press “At least 47 of the (Clinton) emails contain the notation “B3 CIA PERS/ORG,” which indicates the material referred to CIA personnel or matters related to the agency.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in the State Department report released in late May stands as one of recent history’s biggest victories for truth.

Clinton media strategists believe they can minimize the OIG report by doing two things: ignoring it or assuring us it doesn’t matter. In a week or so the strategists will begin employing the “it’s old news” shtick.

The OIG report totally discredits Clinton’s oft made claim that she didn’t do anything different from other former Secretaries of State.

Oh, but the OIG report demonstrates she did.

This is yet additional proof (if any were needed) that she should be kept as far from any Government power as is possible. How anyone can still try to defend her actions is deplorable and an indication of how sick the left in this country has become.
I am not saying that I approve of what Snowden did but he does highlight the hypocrisy of the left and those of the left that are in power. Also (in light of what has happened in Orlando)

P.S. Don't you think she looks tired?

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