Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our moronic representatives

OK, so let me see if I have this right. Some of the duly elected members of congress, elected to represent WE the people and to help uphold our rights, have decided to hold a sit-in. To throw a temper tantrum because other members of congress won't let them vote to further restrict the rights of Americans?


A friggen sit-in? What is this 1964? What are they 14 years old?

Let us not forget what this sit-in is about. It is about those that have been elected to protect our rights wanting to impost their desires on all Americans. What are those desires? They want to deny an American citizen their God given right to a firearm based on that individual being listed on a secret, government list. A list you would not know you were even on until you tried to take a flight or purchase a gun. A list you would not be told why you were on it, in fact they won't even acknowledge that you are even on this list that is preventing you from buying a gun. There is practically no way for you to get yourself off of this list as in part the government will not admit that you are on it. You broke no laws, you didn't do anything, you are just on this list. You are on this list because some bureaucratic somewhere thought you maybe, might be someone or friends with someone that might be suspicious. Or they checked the wrong box on a form. Or they mis-spelled some actual terrorist's name. Regardless, done, finished, over for you. No due process, no court hearings, nothing. Your ability to fly and your gun rights are just gone.

Do you want that? Here in America?


You want to do something? STOP LETTING THESE TERRORISTS ENTER THE COUNTRY! Why not start there? Don't let these vile Imams in. Don't let terrorist sympathizers in. Don't let someone running for President of the U.S.A. accept donations from countries and groups that promote terrorism!

Do all those things first and if we still have issues, we can talk BUT secret lists that strip citizens of their rights is NEVER OK.

This is also yet another reason why we should have a much weaker Federal Government. Such unserious people should not have so strong a say in normal citizen's lives. If an individual state wishes to elect these folks to state office, fine. I don't care. You generally get the government you deserve. But with these folks at the Federal level and with so much power, the rest of the country is forced to suffer for the idiocy of just a few states.

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