Friday, June 17, 2016

Common sense gun laws

You want some common sense gun laws? OK, here are my ideas for some common sense gun laws:

  • Each business and/or legal entity (to include private citizens) are free to declare their "property" to be a "gun free zone" but doing so makes that "group" fully responsible for the protection of all persons on those premises to include being legally and financially libel for failure to protect.
    • Any area marked as a "gun free zone" must indicate at least 60 days prior to the "gun free zone" restriction taking affect, the date that the gun free designation will take affect, in a manner consistent with how the "gun free zone" designation will be communicated.
    • If an area is marked as a "gun free zone", that designation applies to all persons on the premises, to include the property owners.
    • If an area is not clearly and obviously marked as a "gun free zone", it is not.
    • No agent of the government is exempt from honoring any properly posted "gun free zone" designation unless they are in the act of responding to an immediate emergency. No exceptions.
    • Any government agent or representative found to have violated a designated "gun free zone" will not be shielded from criminal and/or civil penalties.
    • Any crime committed within a "gun free zone" that involves a gun will result in a "times 2" multiplier on any incarceration time. This additional time may not be served 'concurrently" with any other time, nor may it be reduced for any reason. It is to be assessed after all other judication has been completed.
  • Any gun laws enacted in any state must be applied to all within the state, no exceptions. If no resident is allowed an AR-15 or extended magazines, that would also include the state government and the state guard. This also includes politicians and their security. If the law is worded in such a way as to enact a stepped level of increasing restrictions, the most restrictive level applies to the government (i.e. you can only have a 10 round magazine for target shooting and only a 5 round magazine for hunting - government employees can only have 5 round magazines).
      • Any gun laws enacted by the federal government must be applied to all federal workers as well, with no exceptions (on par with the state law above). This includes the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc. The only exception to these "continental" restrictions is the Armed Forces of the United States, when they are operating outside of the United States and its territories. 
        • Any government agency granting a waiver to any person, organization, or group for any existing gun law, invalidates that law for any/all persons affected/covered by that law.
          • Mandatory minimums for violation of an existing gun law regardless of the persons "station" or position.
            • Any existing CCW holder at the time that a more restrictive gun law is enacted, is exempt from that law.
            • Any existing CCW holder can not have their CCW renewal denied for any reason except the following: deceased, committed to a mental institution (until such time as they are released), incarcerated for a crime (until such time as they are released), or they choose to voluntarily give up their CCW (they are permitted to change their mind and have it reinstated),
              • If the CCW has "expired", the holder of the expired CCW is given an open ended period under which to renew. Renewal is for the purposes of having an "up to date" photo and any other relevant personal information and as such, the renewal fee must be reasonable and minimal. The "penalty" for an expired CCW is a fine of 2X the renewal fee.
            • Any current or former active duty personal (that has not been dishonorably discharged) is permitted to apply for and be granted a CCW for nominal registration fees.
            • Any government agent that wishes to (or is required to - due to the position) carry concealed must first obtain a CCW. The process followed must be "on par" with the process followed by citizens of that jurisdiction.
            • Any valid CCW is valid in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all US territories.
            • As it is a "health and safety" issue, firearms sound suppressors will no longer be governed by the BATF and will be legal to be made available where ever firearms are available.
              • Whatever local / Federal laws govern the acquisition of a firearm will govern the acquisition of a suppressor.
              • A crime committed with a suppressor will carry a "times 2" multiplier on any incarceration time. This additional time may not be served 'concurrently" with any other time, nor may it be reduced for any reason. It is to be assessed after all other judication has been completed.
            • The 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act artificial limitation on the civilian market availability of automatic weapons (only those registered on or before the law was signed) is rescinded.
            I am sure that I could come up with more but I think these are a good first start. Lets enact these and THEN we can have further discussions on "common sense" gun laws. M'kay?

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