Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando club terrorist attack

By now, you have likely heard about the terrorist attach in the night club in Orlando. Early information indicates that the terrorist that committed this ugly act (at least 50 people killed and many more injured) is a practitioner of the religion that shall not be named. That he targeted this club due to the clientele that frequent it. Apparently it is a LBGT club.

We have been warned that this "senseless act" should in NO way cause anyone to link this individual to the other practitioners of the "shall NOT be named" religion.

The President, the MSM, all the standard talking heads have been jumping all over themselves to implored us to "not read into" this single, stand-alone, isolated, brutal, senseless act of violence and terror, committed by one lone individual. That this is [yet another] isolated incident of violence that is completely unconnected to anything larger than this one individual. (ed: Despite the now known fact that his father [also a practitioner] is recently on the record supporting the Taliban. Nor the fact that just a couple of months ago an Imam was in the area preaching that to kill gays was an act of compassion.)

Can anyone say [with a straight face] that if this individual was [for example] a practicing fundamentalist Christian or had membership in [I don't know] a conservative group like the Tea Party, that this one, lone individual would not be held up as the standard bearer of all folks that belong to that religion or group? That this religion or group wouldn't in fact be vilified and condemned as a promoter of this hate and violence? But yet another horrific act of terror is committed by a practitioner of "the religion of peace" and we are yet again assured by the Government, CAIR, and all of the usual talking heads that this was but an isolated incident and please, PLEASE do not generalize to the wider group to which he was a member.

How many more lessons must we suffer through? Another 50 people have paid for this willful ignorance with their lives. How many more innocent lives must be lost in this country and around the world before the Government and the media start to speak the truth? That this "religion of peace" is anything but.

Update 2016/06/13: As expected, all of the usual suspects are calling for more "sensible gun laws". This despite the fact that not one of the existing gun laws or any of the proposed new "sensible" gun laws would have prevented this individual from getting his hands on guns. He worked for a security company for goodness sake! He had already been "interviewed" and "looked at" by the FBI and they found nothing actionable. Ignoring the elephant in the room, our betters instead lecture us on how we need to be "civil" and how we need to give up more of our liberties in order to "prevent" the next tragedy, all the while not addressing the root cause of this tragedy. Sorry but blaming guns for this is like blaming the car for a drunk driving accident.

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