Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT passes

Well, it seems that the plebs had the audacity to go against the politicians, the media, the unions, and the foreign dignitaries and voted that they have had enough!

Enough of loosing their sovereignty. Enough of being flooded with immigrants that don't share their values, share their culture or share their desire to live in a free and open society. Enough of being told by others how to run their own affairs.

Good for them!

Now we get to see if the British government abides by the desires of the British people.

Does all of this sound somewhat familiar? I believe our country went through something like that a couple of hundred years ago. As a group, the residents of America decided that they had enough of being messed around with by a bunch of potentates that felt that they knew best for everyone and had a right to tell everyone what to do, how to do it, and how much they owed for the "honor" of being told how to live their lives. Those "Americans" decided to do something about it.

Sound relevant to now, here, in this country?

Seems we are once again awash in folks that believe they are our betters and have a "moral obligation" and right to tell us what to do, how to do it, and how much we owe them for the honor of being told how we may live our lives.

That is what has caused the rise of Trump. The Tea Party was the first wave and the establishment did their best to slap them down. The media tried to brand those groups as raciest, homophobic, and nutters. The force of OUR government was turned against us, the citizens that OWN the government. The IRS, EPA, DOJ, the courts, the legislature, the FBI all directed to "crush" these malcontents that had the audacity to say enough.

Now we have Trump. He is the second wave of a populous that is tired of being mishandled. Is he the "best" answer? Hell no but he is "an" answer. If he loses [and if I am honest, I think he will] and Hillary gets the power, it will be in no small part through her minions in the media and a large dose of voter fraud.

That will likely usher in the third wave. At that point, God help us all for "the people" will have been told and shown that the rule of law means nothing (we are already getting small daily lessons in that). That the Constitution no longer means anything. That the "establishment" with their back room deals and secret lists and payoffs are truly in charge.

At that point, what have "the people" got to lose that they have not already had taken away from them? Ponder that...

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