Thursday, June 2, 2016

Katie Couric, traitor to her profession

Updated 2016/06/09 - see bottom of post...

"Katie Couric, traitor to her profession" as a post title might seem a little harsh. You could be right. Her profession is "journalism" and in that regard she is generally on par with the rest of her associates. Like most journalists today, she views her job and mission to "tell a narrative" or to "tell a story". The predecessors of the modern journalist (reporters) generally saw their job and mission to "report the facts". There was bias but good reporters both did their best to not let their bias show and also tried to disclose any conflicts of interest that may have existed.

Those days are no more.

These days you have the likes of George Stephanopoulos appearing on various news programs, presented as an objective reporter of politics.

You have Katie Couric producing anti-2nd amendment propaganda and presenting it as "investigative journalism".

Her latest efforts place her firmly in the "60 Minutes", "Michel Moore", and "Dan Rather" school of journalism in that she will apparently do anything, up to falsely editing her video (i.e. make stuff up) to show us all her "truth". A truth that is [apparently] too important to be held back by mere facts. Does "fake but accurate" ring any bells? A far more coherent dissection of her latest efforts can be reviewed here. Please do.

As others have pointed out, now that she has been caught "red handed" having deceptively edited an interview "for dramatic effect" with the inadvertent side-affect of making those she was interviewing look like idiots (funny how it always seems to cut that way, the interviewer never comes out on the short end with these "mishaps"), she has issues the standard liberal non-apology with no actual effort or intent to correct her errors with the result that her errors will stand and her apology will be quickly forgotten.

I wonder if the folks from Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) can sue for misrepresentation and/or slander? Discovery would be delicious!

Update 2016/06/09: Appears that this is not the only or the first questionable incident in Couric's film endeavors. Apparently she has had these types of "editing mishaps" in other projects of her's.

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