Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RC helicopters

I tried one of these and one of these because I was looking for a simpler RC helicopter that I could fly in the house in order to keep my skills up and improve my side-in and nose-in flying but was not happy with either of them. After flying this for a while, those others did not feel right. I will just need to continue to practice with what I have and use a video simulator in doors. Though, I am hoping to get one of these soon for out door, back yard flying!

Update 1/21/09:

Looks like the "ultimate" mini-practice helicopter has been created by the guys at E-flight. It is the Blade Micro CX. I got a chance to give one of these a test fly. It is a little pricey but handles very well. It is a very scaled down version of their popular Blade CX. I will need to pick up one of these...

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