Friday, November 16, 2007

Of societies turns out that cultural and religious tolerance are necessary qualities for capitalist success.
How true. Capitalism has been the single most liberating and equalizing force in human history. No other concept, when put into practice has allowed more people more personal and economic freedom. By its nature, a pure capitalistic society will be the most efficient user of resources and produce the most real value for an amount of expended effort. In order for this process to work at its highest level, any enterprise must be able to draw upon the best resources as inputs. This includes materials and people. There is a constant struggle to produce better; be they better answers or better products. As soon as inefficiencies enter into the effort, another producer will spring up to better meet the needs of that market. For this reason, a true capitalistic society can not afford the luxury of being prejudice. Doing so removes from the available pool of talent and another group will reap the benefits of those that were excluded. That is why Islam MUST own the world. Just as with the former USSR and communism, it has no chance to succeed when there are competing societies. Neither communism or Islam can keep up with the pace of production (be it goods, ideas or inventions) when compared to capitalist societies. That is one of the reasons that both of these forms work best when in isolation. If everyone is miserable, it does not seem so bad. If no one has shoes, you can erase the idea of shoes.

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