Monday, November 5, 2007

Daylight savings time, NUTS

Why is it that we as a people, as a civilized (mostly) nation continue to put up with this screwball idea called daylight savings time? I mean, get real, enough already! I thought we had a real shot to get this thing once and for all, put to bed but noooooo, they just moved the end date around a little bit. This thing is annoying and mostly stupid and we should STOP IT.

I have an idea, why not just split the difference? What do you say? Instead of setting our clocks back an hour when the next change date rolls around, why not just set it back 30 minutes and call it a day? Leave the time set half-way between the start and stop times for the REST of time? This way everyone wins a little something? The time savers get 30 minutes and the rest of us can stop messing with all of our freakin clocks twice a year? What do you say? Would you be willing to sign a petition?

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