Friday, November 16, 2007

Interent safe for another day!

It seems that the U.N. committee on the Internet was unable to come to an agreement as to how to manage the U.S. created Internet. Well in my mind that can be seen as nothing but good news. The U.N. wants to take control of the Internet from the U.S. The same U.N. that managed the "Oil for Food" program with such great success. The same U.N. that manages to avoid stopping any conflict their peace keepers are sent to but do manage to engage in massive under age and/or coerced sex-capades. The same U.N. that continues to allow member countries with atrocious human rights records to serve on the human rights council. That U.N. wants to manage and control what is currently a mostly open and mostly uncensored Internet.

This is a funny comment: ''As we approach the end we're going to have to see what the world wants and perhaps it will be necessary to take more concrete decisions, or if not decisions, recommendations,'' That is easy. What the world wants is what it currently has. The only reason this is an issue is this is not what governments want. Governments want to be able to limit, control and filter the Internet. This is not an issue about access it is an issue about controlling access.

Update: 2:45PM

Apparently Fred Thompson agrees with me on this one.

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