Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Of torture and Stephen King

InstaPunk makes some very good points and to be honest I expected a better perspective from Stephen King (being a big fan of his writing). As InstaPunk points out, if you can not contemplate the torturing of one to save hundreds from torture or death then you really should not be allowed to sit at the grownup table. That is the sort of dilemma and decision that adults should be able to face and make. It is black at one extreme and white on the other with every shade of gray in between and to continue to call it a simple black and white issue is to show the type of naivety that can only be tolerated in grade school or by liberals but not by adults.

Read his entire post and follow his links. The story of Ms. Wang, that is torture. After reading her story and looking at her picture, answer this question; would you water board one of her guard to find out where she is being held in order to stop her torture? If not, why not? Would it help you decide if it was your mother/wife/daughter instead of a stranger? If so, why? Honestly answer that and you just might be ready to start growing up.

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