Monday, November 26, 2007

Religion of peace at it again...

Read the entire pathetic story, I will wait...

Back? Good. So, according to the religion of peace, you can not name a teddy bear Muhammad. It is an insult to the great religion of Islam. Well, now a days what is not an insult to this religion or their followers? Don't know about the rest of you but I am getting pretty tired of this constant eagerness to be insulted. This finding of slight in the smallest of things. This is so third grade or dare I say, so 500 AD of them. When are the followers of Islam going to get tired of being forever on the verge of or in the middle of a grade A hissie fit? I mean it has to be exhausting, always being angry about this sort of childish stuff, really don't you think? I mean this kind of crap is right up there with "stop looking at me" and these people want to rule the world? They want the entire big blue marble to be under Sharia law? Yeah that will happen. I would be very curious to know what advancements have come out of any of the regions that are currently under Sharia law in say the last 100 years. I mean real things, not the mad ravings of mad mullahs or presidents. Best I can recollect, it is a pretty short list but am open to any comments that will enlighten.

As I am sure others have pointed out, where is NOW or ANSWER in all of this? Where are the protests for the release of an innocent that wanted nothing more than to nurture and teach the young? Oh yeah, I remember, she is a Christian in a Islamic country, it is not PC to protest for her freedom. We save that stuff for murderers in U.S. prisons, not for innocents abroad.

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